Playstation Rewards: Pro Status Prizes

SlyGamers: "Playstion reward is a new online system that Sony is currently beta testing. How it works is that for every new game that you have played (not rented or borrowed) and from every purchase that you make from the Playstation store (movies, shows, games), it all goes towards your status bar in the reward system. Now my last two purchases (LBP2 and Mass effect 2) manage to bump me up to Pro status."

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BakedGoods3735d ago

Nice! I've around 40 PSN titles, hopefully when it launches it'll take into account past purchases too.

Lucreto3735d ago

I think it said that it won't take account of them.

Nitrowolf23735d ago

I wish, but it does not.

Christopher3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Yeah, only games you've played for the first time since the program starts counts. I'm about halfway to legendary so far in the beta.

Enate3734d ago

cgoodno I don't know man I've been in the beta from the start and played quite a few new games since then. Though my meter just seems to be stuck.

Christopher3734d ago

There's a huge lag in when it updates. It's gotten a bit better, but it's still about two weeks to update a single occurrence.

Most movement is from purchasing items on PSN, though. The amount of points you gain is based on how much you spend, not how many games you buy. I buy a good amount through PS+ and general DLC/new games, so that's why I'm as far as I am.

Playing a new game for the first time probably only gives you points equivalent to spending $1 or $2 on PSN.

TardcoreGamer3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

If only they came out with this a year ago..I've seriously purchased more games in the last year and half for ps3 than any other system(including 360)in my history of owning systems(24 disc based and 20 or so d/l titles).

FunAndGun3735d ago

I wish they would update the damn status bar! Been stuck in the same spot for weeks now. :(

Nitrowolf23735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

It takes time. IDK maybe your having issues, some users are. Mine takes exactly one week. I did a Survey on it asking about if the status bar is better with a once a week update or not, so i'm assuming it is once a week that your bar updates (or suppose to).

I want Sony to implement it into PSN cards, add an extra tab called "Rewards". I'm hoping if they do this it will update as fast as trophies do.

AssassinHD3735d ago

Yeah I wish the status bar would update more frequently. I was stuck at 95% into Select for weeks. It then updated to Pro 35%.

ATLRoAcH3735d ago

I've done 12 quests and bought a bunch of stuff on PSN and played new games on Blu-Ray and I've been stuck since November when the quests first came out. For some people it's just not updating the status at all.

Scary693734d ago

I agree the status bar takes too long to update, they need to figure out a way where it updates instantly. I mean we are in 2011 there should be something that helps the program show the status instantly not a week or two later.

TheHardware3735d ago

Ha.. I'm stll trying to get to select, I bhave been playing mostly old games. no fear I'll be pro ..(already a pro) in 2011

Megulito3735d ago

atlroach message on the ps boards n someone will help u thats what i did

ATLRoAcH3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Thanks. I'll try that. Who did you message?

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The story is too old to be commented.