Andrea Renee On Hot Girls In Gaming Episode 1: Short And Sexy

HipHopGamer has once again changed the game by introducing a new show that highlights the female talents in this industry. So many woman are great journalist, entertainers, gamers, and more and yet they don’t get the type of recognition they deserve.

Check out the first episode with Andrea Renee she’s a rising star, very smart, sexy, and one of the best personalities you’ll experience on and off camera.

This show is the real deal and it gets crazier as the episodes roll out.

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deadreckoning6663735d ago


lol...oh man haha.

thedudeftw3735d ago

Lol most of the male population would ask the same thing

ButterBomb3735d ago

Seriously if that is one of the questions or even mentioned I think we can see with %100 certainty what this stalker is after and it certainly isn't their gaming prowess.

Tru_Ray3735d ago

This is the most edifying video HHG has ever created. Real talk, playa...

B-Real2063735d ago

It would be nice if you actually interviewed these ladies instead of just talking about them......just my 2cents

ButterBomb3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Very.. My bet is they will all be white women too. Because there are some games that never change..

huzzaahh3735d ago

Also, apparently "so many woman are great journalist." Betcha didn't know that, 'cause I just found out.

Sarcasm3735d ago

It's funny how he describes himself and everything is self-proclaimed. What next?

Hitman07693735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Good show for sure, very interesting and engaging. Not to be getting it twisted people, give it a watch before you comment!

@below haha hell yeah!

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The story is too old to be commented.