Square Enix's Random Title Generator Destroyed in Fire; Gibberish Final Fantasy Titles Announced

Associated Press is reporting that the Toyko headquarters for Square Enix suffered a major setback in the development of their 2012 lineup of another two dozen Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games when their already overworked “Random Title Generator” caught fire and exploded, setting several spikey-haired teenage heroes/office workers’ hair on fire.

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eccothedolphin73728d ago

Hey, it's just like game dev story!

maxcavsm3728d ago

Heh, the FF fans are calling this lame :)
Keep holding that torch.

AmigoSniped3728d ago

The XIII-2 is a really stupid name. They have a point,

Pozzle3727d ago

I thought this was a joke article until I read the list...

"Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final Fantasy" - what the hell, Square? What ever happened to simple numbers or sub-headers (e.h. Final Fantasy Tactics). I like to be able to pronounce a game's name when I buy it. o.O

Otheros003727d ago

None of those game got announced last week. They were announced way before last week.

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