Super Easy Mode: Two of the Worst Nintendo Commercials You've Ever Seen

We’ve seen some pretty weird trailers from Japan, but these ones from the UK aren’t weird. They’re just awkward… and cringe-worthy. I feel genuinely uncomfortable watching them.

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AmigoSniped3730d ago

Those videos are ridiculous damn nintendo

riksweeney3729d ago

I'd love to meet Jedward just to punch their stupid faces in.

I'd even do it evenly so they still look the same.

ElementX3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

As an American I find it strange to hear black people speaking with a British accent. Yes, I know black people live all over the world, but it's still "different"

ChickeyCantor3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

People might say the first video is all an act, but thats basically how it goes down.

The second twins? My god...

inbefore : "homophobe"
No WATCH THE VIDEO ....fksdopaafj'[jf

DlocDaBudSmoka3729d ago

the 1st set of commercials seemed like a circle jerk waiting to happen.

PureDarkness3729d ago

HAHAHA I genuinely lold at that. Though now you have completely ruined them for me. Not that they weren't pretty rubbish to begin with.