Top 10 Fighting Games On 360

360 Magazine: We aren’t going to fight about it, and if we do we’ll kick your ass without breaking a sweat. And that’s because we been practicing on what are, without a shadow of a doubt, the top ten fighting games on 360. So glove up and join us for some fighting fun...

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midgard2273730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

blazblue continuem shift hands down on any platform right now :), tho not so good with that 360 d-pad the game itself is amazing. as is soul calibur 4 when it comes to 3d fighting


its an idiot list thats why. i like how MVC3 is also ranked lower than sf4 when the game isnt even out yet

Redempteur3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

i don't get it .. why include the yet to be released MVC3 but you keep the previosu fight night 4 when fight night champion is around the corner ??

TardcoreGamer3730d ago

Dead or Alive 4. first game i got for the 360 back in march '06 and its still one of my favorite 3d fighters of all time.

guigsy3730d ago

Despite it being a port of a Dreamcast game, I would easily put Soul Calibur on XBLA in the top 5.

iamgoatman3730d ago

Used to be a massive fighting fan back in the day, although only purchased my first fighter for the 360 last year which was SSF4 as I got one of those mad catz sf pads at the same time. I need to get some more! Any body recommend any?

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