New Rage screens are truly stunning

Gamersmint writes : Bethesda has released three new awesome looking screens for their upcoming game, Rage.

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meetajhu3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Agreed bro but people don't understand that the game runs at 60fps+sandbox and on console at 720p and it looks that good!

ABizzel13730d ago

Can we use a word besides stunning.

To the main point. This game looks great, for some reason whenever I see it I think Fallout meets Borderlands with better graphics, and since both of those games were great, that is definitely not a bad thing to be.

ShinMaster3729d ago

The lighting sells it. It's pretty awesome.
Even though the textures are slightly flat-ish, it's the color and lighting which are good.

AndrewRyan3729d ago

Awesome pics.

The power of the ce... I mean.. PC.

Kazu0 Hirai3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

hmm. nice but not that "stunning"

people need to stop with the hyperbole

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hennessey863730d ago

killzone 3 a run for its money graphics wise on consoles its rage

Tinasumsum3730d ago

3 or 4 games already beat KZ3. KZ3's color filtered art doesn't make it the king.

Sarevok3730d ago


Really? care to list them? I could use a laugh right now.

TreMillz3730d ago

plan on naming said 3-4 games?

toaster3730d ago

lol It's funny reading console gamers' comments fighting over table scraps while PC will have the undisputedly superior version.

Hellsvacancy3730d ago


So what, PC gamins so 90s get with the times, i f-in HATE Windows 7 and HATE usin my PC in general for that reason so if you think im gonna spend MORE time gamin on my PC your MAD buddy

HornyHaggis3730d ago

PC "gamins" so 90s? PC gaming paves the path for consoles who follow their breadcrumb trail behind them and salvage what they can. PC will always be superior, and who cares if you don't like using PC? He didn't ask anyone to use PC more anyway, just stated it was better. Protip: using capital letters on words with meant impact looks silly.

Lyr1c3730d ago

1)I'd like to see these 3-4 console games that look better than Killzone.

2)It doesn't matter how much more powerful a PC might be, the PC will never get a Sony exclusive game. Brag all you want about your gaming-rigs, but if you don't own a PS3 AND PC, you're not getting everything you want.

nveenio3729d ago

Of course PC will always be superior...they release new hardware every six weeks... I'd be pretty ticked if I had to upgrade my console every six weeks just so I could say I'm "superior". That's not superior in my book...that's desperate for attention. Since I bought my PS3, I haven't felt the need to upgrade my PC even once, and I bought my PS3 at launch.

geodood3729d ago

@ Toaster
Funny because I thought PC gamers received the scraps: The multiplats. PC only gamers like yourself are missing out big time on all the GOTY console exclusives, the best games this gen in general according to award boards and reviewers (and more importantly, hardcore gamers)

Darkfiber3729d ago

Yeah, who cares if you get a better version on the PC, you don't want to be stuck in the "90s". That's so insulting it makes me not want to play a better version of a game. Dur.

ShinMaster3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

...but no one gives a sh*t!
I don't understand why you PC fanboys are so insecure.

Crytek just said that developing for consoles allowed them to have a bigger budget and helped PC development.
Sounds to me like consoles are benefiting the PC and not the other way around ;)

Sounds to me like a lot of you PC fans are a little envy of some console exclusives that look very good and don't seem to far behind many PC games despite "lower frames and pixel resolution".

So who cares. It looks good!

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lil Titan3730d ago

Rage is this and that but Rage hasn't come out yet. to be honest Carmack is starting to be to me the kid who has a toy knowing every kid on the playground wants that toy to play with it but teases them because they dont have it yet...i feel like beating up that kid and taking that toy-_-

PowerOfGreenMexican3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

meh those are all PC screens which are touched up as usual

looks nowhere near KZ3 or UC2 for the matter

by the way x360 screens untoched looks like LOL

all those screens are super BULLSHOTS even on PC

DeathMetal14743729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

to Dumb Mexican after that comment. Your crappy shit is 720 P at 30 FPS. That is so weak it;s not even funny. LOL PS3 fanboys dellusion

ExplosionSauce3729d ago

There's nothing wrong with 720p and steady 30fps or even 60 like many other console games.
Besides, most TVs don't go over 720 or 1080 in the first place.

You PC fanboys are so insecure.

DeathMetal14743729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

that makes no sens you guys are the ones that think your games look close to the PC, when in FACT it's not close their is a HUGE difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS and 1080 vs 720. LOL read the comments in here it's beyond dellusional. Yeah if it looks way better than console it must be bullshots. Fucking retards!

ExplosionSauce3728d ago

I wasn't agreeing with the "bullshots" argument.
But I still stand by what I said above.

There's nothing wrong with steady 30fps. And many console games do 60fps. TVs don't go past 1080, so why bother pushing console games to go further. The differences are unnoticeable.

No one's being delusional. Everyone knows PCs can achieve higher specs. It is you, the insecure PC fans who go around all the time saying how inferior consoles are and how the graphics suck in comparison to the almighty PC.

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psb3730d ago

for a game which still has sometime before release

smurfz3730d ago

These look impressive but they are still far from the best I've seen.

BabyTownFrolics3730d ago

just out of curiosity what is the best you've seen?

multipayer3730d ago

1080p would be nice for starters.

Munky3730d ago

My guess that it starts with either a K or a U, both end in a 3

starcrafter3730d ago

@Munky: Or in a 2. Either would be true :)

Tinasumsum3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

They're not even close to rage. Rage's detail and texture resolution is unmatched. Rage's gigapixel texture technology produces the most crisp detail high rez textures ever! They are sharp from a mile away and still sharp zoomed in from a inch away.

TreMillz3730d ago

^^^^oh boy another doubter screaming a multiplat is going to look better than a PS3 exclusive, werent you here yesterday when Crysis 2 got marked off the list of contenders?

multipayer3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Of course new engines running on new PC hardware is going to look better than ones optimised for old ps3.

I know you like comparing games on consoles instead of in the highest quality possible, but then you really wouldn't be comparing the games would you?

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Roozium3730d ago



Tinasumsum3730d ago

Sure. These new pics prove that this is the most technically advanced game on consoles to date. Open world world FPS HD game running at 60 FPS with the best lighting, animations, textures a console has ever seen.

Give me some of what you and your agree-ers are smoking please!

DelbertGrady3730d ago

This and Brink looks amazing. Can't wait!

R2D23730d ago

why are you looking at carmacks ass?

prongs1233730d ago

Are these taken from the console version or the PC one? Looks too good to be a console game imo.

jammydude3730d ago

There are better looking console games, don't see how you reached that conclusion.

Halochampian3730d ago

Not with the scale of Rage though...

when you think about the scale of the game, that's when you see you how impressive it is.

jammydude3730d ago

The word "scale" is too loose. Do you mean explorability? because if you do then hmm, I agree (not that it means too much, mind you) But if you did mean scale then I'm guessing you haven't played God Of War 3 ;) the scale in that game is much bigger than Rage, and it looks quite a lot better too.

Eiffel3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


By scale I figure he meant freeroam. Not large and linear. RAGE is also able to keep a consistent 60FPS. Something which even certain linear titles can't do.

Halochampian3730d ago

Im talking about what Eiffel said for me.

By scale, I'm talking about how huge the world is and how much of the world is able to be explored and have to be rendered with high textures.

Sure there is a lot going on in GOW3 but everything going on in the background does not have to have a huge amount of detail for the player will never get that close to it.

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JsonHenry3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


This has to be from the PC version. There are not enough jaggies to be a console version in these pics.