Top Nintendo 3DS UK Pre-Order Guide

On January 19th Nintendo finally announced that 3DS would be launching in Japan on February 26th, in Europe on March 25th and in North America on March 27th. Whilst the Japanese giants revealed prices for the handheld in Japan (¥25,000) and North America ($249.99), they stated that retailers would decide how much the 3DS would cost in Europe. A strange move on the part of Nintendo, one that has left many gamers in Europe who are eager to pre-order the handheld rather confused.

Which retailer should you pre-order from? Are there any good bundle deals? Which retailer has the cheapest pre-order price? Well, if you reside in the UK, fear not as the good folk here at are here to answer all those questions and more via our Nintendo 3DS UK pre-order guide.

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