Kotaku: What We Think We Know About The PSP2

Tomorrow, January 27, the world is expected to officially greet the PSP2 for the first time at a showcase event in Tokyo. With the real thing's reveal on the horizon, let's look back at what we know about the handheld.

Or, to be more precise, what we think we know.

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Hozi893732d ago

We know this already, lol. Still, I hope SONY doesn't dissapoint. I wonder if they will tell us the price of it? or is it too early for them to announce that.

Godmars2903732d ago

I still like the mock up that has MH on the screen better.

Close_Second3732d ago

I wish the design of the PSP2 looked more like the image above and not what's being shown. It seems like a step back from the design of the PSP go.

Masterchef20073732d ago

I am more interested in price and battery life more than anything