No Clip: Fallout: New Vegas

Destructoid: When Bethesda shared their new Hardcore mode being added to Fallout: New Vegas, insane gamers around the globe cheered in unison. I was one of them. The idea of finding my character feverishly scrounging through a melted townhome for a bottle of irradiated water was exciting. It’s not for everyone, but for the first time in my video game history, I might find myself dying of something other than getting shot, stabbed, blown up, or misstep off a ledge. Instead, I’d find my character starving to death in the middle of a nuclear wasteland desert and the reality of it was an unmitigated thrill.

But when I finally got my hands on hardcore mode, I found myself forgetting it had ever even been switched on. I had expected dire circumstances and rationing supplies. Instead, I found a small can of uncooked beans could apparently fulfill my character’s hunger for a week.

Hardcore mode was a bit of a disappointment as it lacked one critical element: being hardcore. The message prompt at the start of your characters game might as well have just read: Would you like to be slightly inconvenienced from time to time? Y/N? So, I pondered a challenge. Could I turn New Vegas’ new mode into something infinitely more ruthless?

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jony_dols3734d ago

Great read.

I steered clear of New Vegas when it came out.
But I might be tempted into trying this....

TheGreat_13734d ago

Agreed, one of the best reads I've found on N4G. Never even thought of doing this, at least in this genre, I've only done it in linear FPS's.

Tex1173734d ago

So you are saying you want more hardcore in your games?

Join the club...we are a small yet dedicated group.