Answering World of Warcraft Lore Questions, Part 2

Blizzard has launched round 2 of its “Ask Creative Development” forum event, which asks players to submit lore questions about World of Warcraft. The first event drew in 1,000 lore questions and the current one could beat that record.

Not all questions though will be answered. Chris Metzen and the rest of his creative development team will only address a select number of questions screened primarily via a forum upvoting system.

If your question gets upvoted to "Highly Rated" status by other players, then it will have higher chances of being answered--a system the author thinks favors the earliest submissions. (Most will just skim page 1 and head to the last thread page)

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PPineiro3724d ago

Lore is one of those things I really like on MMOs. Sometimes I spend hours reading all that "side" content, that I consider as "core".