Mad Catz Creating Gears 3 Accessories Is Fire

“We are delighted to extend our relationship with Epic Games and look forward to creating a distinctive range of accessories for the next release of one of the most successful franchises in the industry’s history,” said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz.

“Our Gears of War agreement is consistent with our strategies to align Mad Catz with the industry’s most popular and anticipated game titles and to develop and globally distribute high-value products that enhance the gaming experience.

Gears of War is a marquee relationship for Mad Catz and helps us further grow and diversify our industry-leading portfolio of branded videogame accessories.”

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jay23729d ago

Cool to read,I'll be intrested to see pictures.

talltony3729d ago

trust me dont buy anything madcatz. Nothing but bad experiences with them.

egm_hiphopgamer3729d ago

wow you really don't like mad catz, they got great stuff man, I'm curious what bad experiences you had with mad catz, like which products please inform me. God Bless you man

saint_john_paul_ii3729d ago

My Mad Katz Controller died out in 2 weeks after purchase. i also had another controller from that in which the button feel out of the controller

Blaze9293729d ago

I can only judge of their products last gen. I used to buy a lot of madcatz products for my PS2 since it was cheaper than official hardware - man, was that a mistake.

Whether they got better with more reliable hardware is beyond me but I won't be their test subject to find out.

talltony3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Every controller I have ever bought from madcatz has just felt off to me.

Even Since the N64 days the controllers always just felt like a step down from the official ones.

Recently I bought the madcatz blackops controller for ps3 trying to give them another chance. The L1 and R1 buttons were uncomfortable. It had no rumble and on top of it the deadzones in the joysticks were unbarable for the game it was made for.

I'm not sure about their other products but I strongely suggest you stay away from their controllers.

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BobbyMcCOOL3729d ago

agreed, should be nice and for a good serie

fromasterjay3728d ago

Hmmm...interesting...looks cool