OpFlash: Red River "fully built around" co-op, no competitive

Codemasters upcoming Operation Flashpoint: Red River features no competitive multiplayer and they've "no plans to include" it with DLC.

They felt it would have been a 'token experience' if it had made the cut. OpFlash will return PvP multiplayer but its "got to be right" - no cramming features.

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DavidMacDougall3733d ago

I'm happy to see this game ain't getting alot of attention after the mess the first one was.

I'm sure they will do better gamewise but after not fixing the first and cutting and running with peoples money after they shut the forums down, they should give this thing out for free to the people that paid for the first as a "Sorry we messed up".

BattleAxe3733d ago

Fortunately I only paid $4.50 for Dragon Rising on Steam.

BadKarmaSutra963732d ago

Codemasters needs to learn to support their games for more than a month after release.