Fallout 3 was "stable and fairly bug-free," say Bethesda

According to Bethesda’s Peter Hines, Fallout 3 was “stable and fairly bug-free”. This is despite many players’ experiences with the game, which seemed to have shipped with a whole multitude of glitches.

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awiseman3734d ago

compared to New Vegas then yes... It is RELATIVELY stable and bug free.

Beside Relativly is a relative term...I wonder how Activision terms the term...

Istanbull3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I haven't played New Vegas yet but damn, Fallout 3 had its fair share of bugs and glitches too!

The most infamous glitch being in that one particular side-quest "Trouble on the Homefront" that prevents you from completing it.

kancerkid3734d ago

Considering the scope and content of Fallout 3, I am happy with the final product. I think people don't appreciate what is really being done here by the developers. Massive worlds, with open-ended content. This is just hard to do.

newhumanbreed3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


I agree. They don't understand that the games are really big and open. The game play is very solid, being able to break apart enemy limbs and having the freedom to visit just about every corner of the game. How do people expect developers to be able to make a game like that glitch free? It's a really hard thing to accomplish and I'm glad Bethesda hasn't stopped doing it.

radphil3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"How do people expect developers to be able to make a game like that glitch free? "

No, but we don't expect to be guinea pigs either when it comes to some GAMEBREAKING ones. When F3 originally released out, there were freezing and crashing issues.

ravinash3734d ago

You have to consider how many hours one person spends while playing this game.
Tester can sit for hours paying and never come across a bug waiting in the system. So I'm not surprised that when its out and being played by thousends that these bugs would thwen show them selves.
The main bug I got was the freezing one that seemed to happen at random times in the game, and that would have been easy to pickup. But besides that I didn't notice many others...not game breaking ones.
So on the whole I think it was a good effort considering the freezing issue was fixed.

Anon19743734d ago

I loved Fallout 3. No game is perfect, but I've gotta say I only had a handful of freezing over something like 40 hours. Then I took a second, rebooted and went at it again. It's irritating, sure, but when I think back to my experience with Fallout 3, I don't remember the odd time it froze, I remember all the fun I had with it.

AntoineDcoolette3734d ago

I got the GOTY edition of Fallout 3 and it probably freezes about once every 5 hours of play, and I've notice an enemy or two fly out of the ground into the sky like a rocket, or an old rusty vehicle to 3 just suddenly crumble up into nothingness for no reason after about 65 hours of play. But considering all the griping I heard before getting the game about bugs I'm surprised how few I've actually encountered, particularly given the size of the map and all the dialogue.

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Panthers3734d ago

It basically means Bethesda is happy with the final product and will probably continue to ship games in that condition.

zootang3734d ago

Is this a, be prepared for Skyrim glitches and bugs then?

JsonHenry3734d ago

I played F3 on the PC within two months of its release. And it was mostly bug free for me. At least in terms of anything major. Graphical glitches, weird char animations, and people getting stuck on walls happened quite a bit though.

Christopher3734d ago

LOL. C'mon Bethesda, you gotta be kidding us, right?

I mean, I really love the Fallout games. I think they're easily at least 8/10 games, even with some of the big bugs including often freezing up after more than an hour of playing them. But I'm not delusional to think that they're "fairly bug free".

R2D23734d ago

Muahahahahahahahahahaha - thanks for the laugh Bethada.

TheDivine3734d ago

Acually i found new vegas had less bugs for me on the 360 anyways, only one bug the whole game where i kept shooting and had to reload save, fallout 3 had quite a few. The bugs were different for everyone, some people saw alot, others few, the games were still great with so much content its forgivable to me.

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Bigpappy3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Played it on 360. Loved it. The only problem I had was I could not find the guy who was paying me to plug hole in Megaton water system.

With the size and detail put into Bethesda RPG's I am impressed at how good they are becoming at minimizing bugs. Morrowind is this the best RPG I have ever played. That had quite a few bugs, but the experience was so deep and enjoyable, I just looked pass them and will still rate that game 9.8/10. To this day, there has not been a better RPG for me.

iMaim3734d ago

They're fucking kidding right?

NYC_Gamer3734d ago

i heard fallout 3 is still buggy

Mr_Bun3734d ago

I spent more time restarting the game than I did playing it...."fairly bug-free" my ass.

dabri53734d ago

On the PS3 it is. Unfortunately, it didn't get quite the attention it needed like the other platforms had.

TANUKI3734d ago

My Fallout 3 experience on PS3 wasn't very enjoyable... I have to be quite honest.

I sold my copy (for much less than what I paid too *angry face*) and got the PC GOTY version instead. It was much better experience overall, but I still had many glitches and freezes happen. Thank god, a lot of the mods I downloaded, FIXED AND ENHANCED the experience.

I'm not saying you guys shouldn't buy the console versions, but from my experience (with Bethseda games), I'm going with the PC version all the way now.

wicko3734d ago

LOL -- list of the general bugs in the game

If you look at each quest, they will all have their own specific bug list. No, Bethesda, this is not relatively stable and bug free, and honestly I'm surprised you made it past certification.

Philoctetes3734d ago

My experience with Bethesda games:

Oblivion: A few bugs here and there. No big deal.

Fallout 3: Quite a few bugs. Several freezes requiring a hard restart. Not bad early on, but very unstable as the game progressed.

New Vegas: Highly unstable right from the get-go. Constant hiccups, and always a threat to freeze for no apparent reason. Seriously caused me to fear for the the health of my PS3.

Somehow, Bethesda managed to make its games worse over time, not better. And it was with the same engine. Go figure. Here's hoping for more from Skyrim.

dktxx23734d ago

New Vegas was made by a different company, just so you know.

dabri53734d ago

Also, Oblivion on the PS3 was released at a much later date giving Bethesda time to polish it more than if it had been a launch title.

If you can judge them harshly for anything this gen, its not having the best PS3 versions for their games. Freezing being the biggest issue.

Baka-akaB3734d ago

worse overtime ?

Soemone only started with Oblivion then , and didnt see stuff like Daggerfall .

kasasensei3734d ago

actually 85 hours on the pc game, no big issues, except some random crashs.

distorted_reality3734d ago

Agreed, I never had any major issues, but then again once the first patch was out for NV I didn't have any issues with that either *shrugs*

GodsHand3734d ago

I have it for the PS3, and I will say that it has not given me any problems. It was only after the fact of getting the add-ons that the game became glitchy, and freezing ever so often. New Vegas on the other hand, once I leave Springville or what ever the first town is, it would freeze on me every hour into the game, and more then five enemies where on the screen attacking me. I did stop in New veags after fighting the main dude for the leagion, but after the fight it freezes everytime so I never did finish the independent side the of the game.

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