Operation Flashpoint is "thinking man's" FPS, ArmA 'no threat'

Codemasters' Adam Parsons is in 'complete disagreement' that Bohemia's ArmA series is a thorn in their side; they're no "direct competition whatsoever".

He says in our interview that a "small portion" still compare the two, but Codemasters are "offering something unique" with OpFlash. Not a "mil-sim in any way."

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DaReapa3728d ago

Codemasters has totally strayed away from what made the OF series. I really hope that Bohemia starts developing for consoles.

toaster3728d ago

Why would they do that? Console gamers couldn't grasp the concept of sim-shooter. Too many of them cried foul that Dragon Rising was a POS game because it wasn't 'fun' or 'like CoD'. And OpFlash is like sim-lite compared to ArmA, you honestly think console gamers have the patience to deal with a real sim shooter? ROFL!

DaReapa3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Because just in the same manner that there's a niche fanbase on PC, there's also a niche fanbase on consoles that has been longing for a milsim to appear, contrary to your (and sadly, several developers') beliefs that there's no audience for the genre on consoles.

And of course anyone who's looking for a COD-like experience is going to complain about a game like OF regardless of what platform it's on. Not to mention, the majority of the complaints from those that actually owned the game I recall came from how DR was taking a step back from CWC. So please...please don't generalize all console gamers as the COD crowd, because personally, I can't stand the series or its imitators. And I'm sure there are many others that feel the same way.

Edit: And BTW, why are you getting all bent out of shape about this. It's not like I said they should cease development for PC.

VenomProject3728d ago

SOOOOOOO many PC fanboys on this article.

jjohan353728d ago

I never understood the whole PC versus console argument. You guys act like hardcore sims can only exist on a platform that uses a point and click mouse. It's a video game, simulation or not, and can exist on multiple platforms with various controllers.

pr0digyZA3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Uh jjoahon35

You think a sim can go on consoles id like to see you try, a game like arma has a button press to move just your head then diferent.... ugh just see if this
Number Row:
~ - select all units
1-0 - group commands
- - time deceleration (singleplayer only)
= - time accereration (singleplayer only)
BACKSPACE - go back a menu (for group commands)

Top Row:
Tab - unassigned (so I dont accidentally alt tab)
Q - lean left
W - forward
E - lean right
R - reload
T - compass
Y - watch
I - multiplayer statistics
O - Team switch
P - toggle turn in/turn out (in land vehicle)
[ - scroll through action menu forwards
] - scroll through action menu backwards
\ - toggle auto hover on/off (in helicopters)

Middle Row:
CAPSLOCK - map on/off
A - strafe left
S - backward
D - strafe right
F - action key
G - pickup weapon / gear menu
H - step over obstacle
J - toggle between main weapon and handgun
K - toggle vehicle headlights on/off
L - use text chat
; - previous text chat channel
' - next text chat channel
enter - unassigned? (i think engine assigns this to something)

Lower Row:
LEFT SHIFT - sprint / bound forward
Z - toggle prone
X - toggle stance from run/walk
C - optical zoom in
V - zoom all the way out (wide peripheral)
B - equip binoculars
N - toggle night vision on/off
M - toggle diary
< - switch chat group forward
> - switch chat group reverse
/ - next target (in jets/helicopters)
RIGHT SHIFT - command watch

Bottom Row
LEFT CTRL - crouch
LEFT WINDOWS KEY - hold breath (for aiming)
LEFT ALT - use free look (non toggle)
SPACEBAR - toggle through weapons
RIGHT WINDOWS KEY - commanding mode
APP MENU - go to command menu
RIGHT CTRL - toggle weapon ready/weapon at ease

DELETE - toggle 3rd person / 1st person view
HOME - toggle between regular / tactical view
END - Surrender
PAGE UP - Salute
PAGE DOWN - Sit Down

NUM LOCK - Unassigned (to avoid disabling numpad)
NUMPAD / - change gunner weapon
NUMPAD * - toggle freelook on/off
NUMPAD - - Zoom Out
NUMPAD + - Zoom In
NUMPAD ENTER - talk on Vehicle Channel VOIP
NUMPAD DEL - toggle manual fire
NUMPAD 0 - swap gunner

ESCAPE - options menu / pause game

Mouse Button 1 - fire Weapon
Mouse Button 2 - use optics/ironsites
Middle Mouse Button - talk on Command Channel VOIP
Mouse Button 4 - talk on Direct Channel VOIP
Mouse Button 5 - talk on Group Channel VOIP

can be mapped to consoles, then you'll see why our point and click games are sims oh and BTW this isn't everything.

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Syaz13728d ago


i say i have to agree with you. hell, even the task of assembling a pc and installing the softwares is considered tedious work by console gamers, and that's just the start. sorry to say, console gamers are much less patient compared to pc gamers.

jjohan353728d ago

I own PC as well as various platforms. I like consoles because the system is relatively standardized. Some kid with a high tech superior graphics card or superior laser mouse will have an advantage over me, but less likely on consoles. I like the community and mods available on PC. There are advantages and disadvantages to each platform, so please stop the PC versus console flaming.

visualb3728d ago

ArmA is the best thing after OP.

I just wish they got the production values and just merged a good story with ArmA III

oh and on PS3 with added mouse and keyboard support please thanks

+ 16 player campaign co-op and faction selection ala MAG

Reborn3728d ago

Why is it the devs that spend most time hyping up a title, end up producing it poorly in most areas?

Produce a solid title, then you can do all the talking you want.

zeph943728d ago

I really wanted to like flahpoint but the online barely worked for me and even then most of the enemies were bots. Maybe if there were a lot more players it would be better.

sonicsidewinder3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

They're so up their own ass.

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