Mass Effect 2 PS3 version, the problem of data save corrupted (patch available)

[Updated] Patch 1.1 available!

You are prompted to download the update when you first start the game connected to a network.

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Philoctetes3739d ago

I'm glad that this is getting fixed, but it's really inexcusable that this was an issue to begin with. Not to single out Bioware, but it's amazing how many games launch with major problems this gen.

Megaton3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

A lot of devs are basically selling beta code at retail half of the time this gen. They figure they can go balls deep with patches post-launch and get their game in order.

oicheshamhna3739d ago

Good job, Bioware. Seeing the issue on a public forum and addressing the problem 3 days later is very commendable. Regardless that it happened in the first place, it was patched very quickly. That's always a plus in my book.

Keith Olbermann3739d ago

It is a plus but you cant f*$k with game saves dude. If I had lost three days worth of gameplay because of this I would have been very pissed!

Kal8533739d ago

I just turned on and started playing my game and did not get an update prompt. Is this confirmed for the US?

dcaoko3739d ago

Word to the wise, always have multiple saves. I save under 3 sep files and never had a problem. Now on to the last mission with all upgrades.

oicheshamhna3739d ago

Apparently that doesn't matter. ME2 lumps all saved game files into 1 file.

tigertron3739d ago

This article is BS, I said in another report. Chris Priestly from Bioware made a post on the Bioware social forums after the article was made and said they're working on a patch.

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