C&G Reviews Breach

When Atomic Games announced they were working on Six Days in Fallujah – a game based on the then ongoing conflict in Iraq – there was hope that gaming might start to provide active commentary on real-world events. With its cancellation many blamed the would-be publisher Konami for shying away from controversy. However, after playing Atomic’s spin-off title Breach it’s easy to see why any publisher would back off; the tech showcased in Breach lacks the finesse to depict a modern conflict respectfully.

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lugia 40003734d ago

45? Fail reviewer. This game deserves a 70

SpitFireAce853733d ago

WoW 45 wtf...what i hate the most is that CoD
franchise is put up so high...Like its the
greatest FPS franchise of all time..When any
real gamer knows the only good CoD game was
COD4 and that's it the rest are just plain
old recycled,reskinned,rehashed laggy
over hyped peace of crap...

pr0digyZA3734d ago

Not to be confused with CVG, These guys gave two worlds 2 a 30% , so I don't think they have the same tastes as me. If they give low then I will most likely enjoy it.