Interview – “The biggest year in our company’s history,” by Bethesda’s Pete Hines

VG247: This year will be the biggest in Bethesda’s history. An RPG sequel anticipated for aeons; the first new IP from id Software in 15 years; one of the most anticipated shooters in the industry this year; and a dungeon crawler which fuses old days with new.

Post-release DLC for one of last year’s biggest hits is a also certainty for 2011, but the anticipation of future releases is likely to further add to this year’s importance for the publisher: three new studios – one from the east – are coming on board with new projects with the company and, obviously there’s a chance at getting a look at DOOM4 this year.

With so much going on at Bethesda it seemed like a good time to catch up. We spoke last week with the company’s VP of marketing and PR, Pete Hines.

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Darkfiber3734d ago

Doom 4 hasn't even been announced yet, has it? I highly doubt Doom 4 will come out this year, when they've been showing Rage off for about 3 years now and it's not even out yet... Also, Bethesda doesn't own id, id is owned by Zenimax Media, which also owns Bethesda...that's like saying it'll be the biggest year ever for Bioware because Dead Space 2 is coming out.

New Vegas was made by Obsidian...I'm sure Bethesda gets a chunk of the sales, but still, not a Bethesda game.

As for Hunted: The Demon's Forge, I don't understand how that's a dungeon crawler. Dungeon Crawlers to me have more than 8 hours of linear gameplay in them, and they don't play like Gears of War with swords...just my opinion. I wish it really was being made by Bethesda, maybe then they would put some actual RPG mechanics into the game and make it a respectable length for a multiplayer dungeon crawler.

Skyrim's about the only thing Bethesda specifically has going for them. Fortunately it looks like it could be the best game they have ever made.

dark3553734d ago

Doom 4 has been announced for a while now. John Carmack said that the development time for Doom 4 will be significantly shorter than the development time for Rage.

Darkfiber3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

What I meant was, it hasn't been revealed yet. Sorry, should have been a bit clearer. I know they have made mention of it but they haven't showed it off yet as far as I know, which is why I highly doubt they would release it this year, especially if they are going to just show it off at QuakeCon 2011 which is fairly late in the year, and Rage is set to come out in September, which doesn't leave much time for Doom 4 to come out. I'm sure they don't want to rush it out within the last 4 months of the year, right after Rage, especially since they have been hyping Rage for years now.