PlayStation Meeting 2011 officially confirmed and PSP2 official features

PlayStation Informer: "Today Martyn Williams posted on Twitter the photo of PlayStation Meeting invite by Sony, on the invite is confirmed the announcement of PSP2..."


New photo of invite by Sony for PlayStation Meeting 2011 posted by Kotaku Japan

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jay23734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Android on a gameing device? Oh God:(.
@Chris399 Phones are not true gaming devices and the needed hardware/software phone need would get in the way. Do you see any phones that can run games as powerfully as the rumord specs will run them?

@Dark_Charizard: I can see an OLDE on PSP 2.
@deadreckoning: again, you won't see a phone that'll be as powerful as this thing sounds. This is a deadicated game/entertainment machine, we'll get SKYPE I guess.

Dark_Charizard3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

You know, these features (3G n all) are probably for the PS phone.

Istanbull3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

3G? Android? Wtf, I hope they talk about the PSPhone rather than PSP2.

@jay2: I agree with you, phones are not gaming devices, Nokia's Ngage tried to be one but it failed. Iphone, while it is a nice phone, is not a gaming handheld.

Why? It lacks buttons ROLF

silvacrest3734d ago

you guys need to understand that the PSP2 needs more then just high end hardware to compete against the 3D gimmick of the 3DS

what else could they add that wasn't being used by nintendo? 3g and android OS, like it or not it's a USP that nintendo does not have

also the android reference could be about the xperia play but saying that, if it is, no one can really say the xperia play device has no connection to playstation

schlanz3734d ago

Why can't a phone also be a high-end portable gaming platform? The only thing standing in the way is technology. The size of the components is getting smaller and more powerful which allows for better design- N-Gage had a terrible design for a phone. iPhone has a mediocre design for a gaming device. That doesn't mean it's impossible to have a good design structure for both, just that it hasn't been done yet. Its inevitable, though.

ChrisGTR13733d ago

oh god, android as the OS to psp2? i thought these guys didnt want piracy?! android piracy is just as bad as psp1. well this consoles dead on arrival if this is the case.

ExplosionSauce3733d ago

There's a difference between phones that are able to play some games and a portable true gaming device with phone capabilities (which is what the PSP2 most likely is).

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Chris3993734d ago

And that doesn't even have 3G or Android (OS is already THERE). Just saying. It doesn't need a full feature-set, just touchscreen for numeric entries (which is purportedly might have - a touchscreen).

jay23734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

But the 3G won't support phone calls, so you'd need a wifi connection, and don't you have to pay money if your not skype to skypeing? yeah there's a lot of VOIP apps out there and yeah the PSP can skype, but the PSP still isn't a phone.

You csn skype on youu PC, Ipod, iPad etc, they're not phones and don't contain the hardware needed.

PSP 2 most likely will have phone capabilties, but you won't be able to define it as a phone. If you could true define it asd a phone, just about everything would be a phone now.

@deadreckoning666: Yeah, thats what I mean, phones aren't deadicated gaming devices. I.E you don't buy games for £40, and there not, say 8 hours long with all the features found in a game, and you have to download them all, unlike the current, and in Nintendos case at least next gen handhelds.

Ju3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Skype on 3G doesn't make phone calls. It uses a data connection (unless the provider filters that out). A 3G data plan is perfectly suite able to make mobile phone calls with Skype.

Skype on Android works perfectly well over 3G.

hiredhelp3733d ago

well i have seen like some of you the likes of dead space and RAGE. run on the iphone. right and talks of putting them on smartphones(android) the specs of some of these and all new upcomming high end phones are very cool. and can manage games at low res to look superb and manage games like rage. to have a android feature is that soo bad. the psps2 is going to run psp games too you know just added xtras that some may prefer this isnt a bad thing. but potentially usefull.

FinalSpartan3734d ago

Wait will there be a XMB?

malandra3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

if it has its own games and franchises then this is a must buy, even if you're into handheld gaming because it'll be a hardcore gaming machine all the way

if it's just for ports of PS3 games then I'll pass

wingman32x3734d ago

I'll be watching that. The PSP had way too many direct ports of console games. Those aren't exactly ideal games to play on the go.

Also, I do realize that the DS did tons of porting, too. Difference is that those games were much more simple than PS2 games, which made the transition to a portable system an easy one.

Ju3734d ago

Android would be a surprise, yet I would not expect this to be a "vanilla" Android device with gaming functionally.

Given that what ever OS Sony currently uses is as close as it can get to a possix style system, porting this to an linux based kernel running some sort of Android on top is certainly possible.

I do not think, a plain Android will work here, though. It must be heavily customizable. E.g. it should include a GDK which can reach through to the metal (and be able to be programmed in C/asm (and whatever builds on top of it)). Something like a game-NDK to optimize performance for gaming. Using Android, it would need to sync with the rest of the functionality, that would be pausing games when a call comes in or running Android services while playing (e.g. background music, chat services, etc - this will drain battery; but it's user land here).

Android would for sure enrich the device, no doubt about it. Skype doesn't mean anything. This build on its own environment anyway. So if that is a bare game OS or Android doesn't really make a difference.

Android, again, points strongly towards an ARM cpu - but, obviously can support others. It never ran on a powerpc (or MIPS) core. I am curious what chip Sony will be using.

xAlmostPro3733d ago

If android is for the psp2 maybe its like the other OS that was on the ps3 and maybe you can boot an android OS although..

its most likely for the ps phone, as is the 3g

wsoutlaw873733d ago

ive been hoping that the high powered psp2 was also a phone with android all in one. That would be perfect.

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SnakeMustDie3734d ago

Can't wait. Here's hoping its launch price is lower than 300.

ThanatosDMC3734d ago

Yeah, same here. I have doubts though since it's supposedly going to be powerful and has a lot of high end tech for a little device. I've got $250 saved so far and im looking to buying two.

I havent even bought Dead Space 2 yet... sad day.

Undeadwolfy3734d ago

If its a PSP2 I will pay max £300. If its a PSP2 + Phone and text capabilities (that work well), ill gladly pay £350 cos phones over here cost like £400 - £550 brand new....

gunnerforlife3733d ago

im just waiting for this, if its got a good camera like the nokia n8 or Satio on top of everything else gaming and makes calls and stuff ill defo spend 350 on it.

3733d ago
wsoutlaw873733d ago

well if it is also a phone the price will be subsidized by the wireless company like all other smartphones with their price at like 600 or 200 with contract

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Chris3993734d ago

There's no need for two devices. It would give it an edge over the 3DS too. I would LOVE a portable HD gaming console/ PDA/ Phone with actual BUTTONS.

A PSP Phone and a PSP2 just creates consumer confusion.

deadreckoning6663734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

^^I agree. It's quite confusing. The fact that the PSP2 has 3G gives people the impression that its a phone as well. If the PSP2 doubled as a phone..people will have no reason to buy the PSP Phone.

Its like a snake eating its tail. Doesn't make any sense to me...but Sony knows more about marketing than I do so..

"Phones are not true gaming devices and the needed hardware/software phone need would get in the way."

You don't know what your talking about. Angry Birds HD(Android/Iphone game) is up for an AIAS GOTY award...the most prestigious GOTY award this industry has to offer. Keep in mind that no PSP or DS games were nominated for the award.

@jay2- No..ur deviating from the argument. U said that right now, phones are not true gaming devices..thats a false statement. There are MANY great games that can be played on phones, like Angry Birds as I have just mentioned. I think you mean that phones aren't "dedicated" gaming devices, which is correct.

Nicaragua3734d ago

Angry birds isnt the best example for using what defines a gaming device since it runs on pretty much anything, so i would agree that phones are not true/dedicated/whatever devices - you would not buy a phone with the primary intention of playing games.

I totally agree that there are some great games out there which will run on phones but those games will also run on a DS or PSP, the reverse is not always true.

jammydude3734d ago

Angry Birds, although great, is hardly a hardcore game...

Mobile devices lack dedicated, quality software developers that portable consoles (DS, PSP) have gotten used to, that's all.

Ju3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

If you are looking for a mobile gaming device because you want to play Angry Birds, then I would suggest the PSP2 is not for you...are you serious?

sarshelyam3734d ago

3G in the PSP2 did not spell PHONE to me. It simply showed me that Sony is acknowledging an entirely new landscape of mobile communication for a gaming device. Considering more people worldwide own and use a celphone, there are networks in place to support a device that utilizes a 3G Network. It could be an e-Reader, a phone, or a gaming machine. It's just one more option for wireless connectivity and communication.

wsoutlaw873733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

3G doesn't necessarily mean phone but android does

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sinncross3734d ago

Its hardly confusing...

One device is called an Xperia Play (which is a cell phone brand by Sony Erikson)
the other is called a PSP2 (a gaming device by Playstation).

It's not rocket science folks...

Chris3993734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

But I'm a relatively tech-savvy consumer. Most people are NOT. And yes, having two near identical devices, both that play some variant of Playstation games (decision 1) one that makes phone calls and one that does not (decision 2), can be confusing. The more decisions you give a consumer to make, the more confused they get. Apple and Nintendo have generated consumer interest for their products because they are SIMPLE, not complex to grasp or purchase.

They should scrap the Xperia and add phone features to the PSP2. That's all I'm saying. It would eliminate manufacturing and marketing costs (yes I know Ericsson is technically separate anyway, but still) for one device and allow them to pool their resources on the other.

Edit: Both of you are arguing as if you have the atypical knowledge and interest in video-games and electronic devices of a general North American consumer, which based on your history and frequenting of N4G you do not.

PirateThom3734d ago

Exactly, people are calling it a "PSPhone", but that isn't the official name nor does the leaked hardware images refer to it as such, there's no PlayStation branding on the device. In fact, the only reason it has PS Buttons is because it's easier than copywriting a whole new set and the only reason it has PSN access is because a lot of Sony devices now do...

The only people this is confusing are the people who think the PSPhone will play PSP games.

Ju3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Not quite true. What leaked so far had a "Playstation Pocket" market place running. A clear indication that it is in fact a branded "Playstation" device even though its name might be "XPeria Play".

silvacrest3734d ago

these guys know full well about the playstation pocket app
which suggests a connection with playstation

they just dont want it to, they would rather have the xperia play arrive dead on arrival while the PSP2 gets all the attention

what they fail to realize is they can co exists, the only people who would be confused when considering purchasing either are the uninformed

like i said earlier, if apple can sell the iphone and ipod touch, which are basically the same minus data then sony should too

siliticx3733d ago

They are probably the same guys that would say that an iPod Touch and iPhone are the same thing.

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supremacy3734d ago

Its almost starting to feel like a countdown at this point in time.

Stealth20k3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

the psp2 isnt a phone people nor does it have phone capabilities other than 3g for downloads

then theres the ericson xteria which is a waste of space

I want my gaming and phone completely seperate and it looks like sony is smart.

Ju3734d ago

I do not agree. Both devices are for different people.

If you are looking for a strong (and I guess high end) gaming device first and some online functions later, the PSP2 is for you. If you want a phone first which also is a gaming device, there's the XPeria Play.

wsoutlaw873733d ago

why would you want both separate when you could have it all in one. I dont really see the benefit of having 2 devices like iphone and ipod touch. It would cost more money buying both then just the one device. I agree with Ju they both are for different people i hope the psp2 has call capabilitys because honestly there isnt much of a reason to buy the ericson either way.