AMD Radeon HD 6990 shows up in its metallic flesh, looking larger than life

What does the next great superpower of desktop graphics look like? Well, it shares an unmistakable family resemblance to the current champ, but its dimensions have somehow been made even larger. Yes, we're talking about AMD's Radeon HD 6990 -- a dual-GPU monstrosity that's set to serve as the company's 2011 flagship -- which has just been shown off at an Asia Pacific Fusion Tech Day gathering. Aside from the crazy imagery (one more after the break and a gallery at the source), we've found a promise that this polygon deliverator will be available in late Q1 2011. Which gives us just enough time to rent out a room big enough to house it. Now, when's Crysis 2 coming out?

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kharma453730d ago

Obligatory 'that's what she said' comment.

Anyway with that out of the way, yeah it's not gonna fit in most cases by the look of it!

renegade3730d ago

Definitely doesn't fit in my case. I have a dual diamond HD 5750 i like it because not catch not much space in my case but this out of the hands...

Ryudo3730d ago


Should of just got one decent card instead of two slower ones.

mrv3213730d ago

Unfortunatly my HD5750 broke, leaving me with a perfectly fine GT330m. Games on this look equally as good as my console game, I was AMAZED by Half-life 2 demo, it ran at 60FPS and looked great.

I will one day by a upgrade, but man the HD5750/70 are just such good cards.

cakeisalie3730d ago

Lol and what are people going to run on this AMD?

We hardly have the games to make use of GPUs like 4870 or GTX 260, those run pretty much any game out today maxed out.

renegade3730d ago

@Ryudo Difinetly im happy with it, i get good frames from it and the games looks good but im looking to buy a nvidia geforce 560 one and sell my ati to my cousin, he is interested in it.

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toaster3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Lets hope the performance is good :3 Maybe it will even surpass the 580, haha!! AMD really need to get their act together. nVidia rules the market right now in all price points. The 560 Ti, 570 and 580 are a massive blow to AMD and they really need to step their game up, here's to hoping the 6990 can put up some competition.

Anyways the 6990 looks absolutely monolithic, I'm surprised that it only has 1 fan. Maybe AMD have gone for a vapor chanber to keep the temps down but I hope that the one fan in the center has adequate cooling capabilities. 69xx cards are already loud and do a decent job of cooling, but when compared to nVidia's cards they seem pretty weak.

Idle temps
Load temps
Idle dB
Load dB

And nVidia has their own dual GPU monster up their sleeve as well. If the current 5xx cards are anything to go by, then the 595 or whatever they decide to name it will be absolutely batshit fast. The EVGA version also has three fans and an open shroud to release that heat much more quickly out of the PCB. As I said, I really don't understand why AMD has chosen to only put one fan to cool two GPUs.

NYC_Gamer3730d ago

have to admit nvidia has hit amd real hard with the 5xx series

Apotheosize3730d ago

its bigger than his freaking head

watch out the earth might start orbiting it

bumnut3730d ago

Im sure it will be amazing but im more than happy with my 5870 at the moment.

WhiteNoise3730d ago

I'm keeping my current card until the next nvidia series refresh.

Keeping a card for less than 2 years is just throwing money away.

iamgoatman3730d ago

Same here, I tend to alternate between Nvidia and AMD every 2/3 years or so, depending on who offers the best price to performance ratio at the time. I never understood people selling their barely 1 gen old cards just so they can have the latest model, even though performance increase will be relatively miner. Maybe it's just me, but I like to see big performance increases when upgrading otherwise it doesn't justify the extra doe.

Also a lot of mobos support CF/SLI these days, so it's sometimes cheaper to add in a second card as the price tends to drop considerably after a few new gens are released. Just added another Ati 5850 to run in crossfire with my new sandy bridge build, as they're a lot cheaper now the single GPU 6XXX series is all here, should last me quite a while.

jakethesnake3730d ago

I struggle to update every three years (due to the WAF) - but I finally upgraded my 8600 GTS and now am waiting for my CPU upgrade so I can fully utilize my new 6870. Every 2 - 3 years seems ideal unless you just keep going out and buying budget cards which are outdated within a year.

Xfanboy3730d ago

This will max games until 2016!!

cakeisalie3730d ago

That really depends, if there are no next gen consoles until 2016, you can expect a GTX 260 or HD 4870 to be playing games in 1080p max. Since there wont be any progress in graphics, unless you want to be playing on multiple screens.

Its been pretty pointless upgrading GPUs since the last 2-3 years.

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