New L.A Noire trailer: Dissected

Video Analysis: 39 screenshots from the Rockstar thriller

We'll admit it: L.A Noire is one of our favourite games to dissect. As we're going through the footage frame-by-frame, we actually feel like detectives trying to solve a crime. So, come join us on a rather grisly adventure...

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Shackdaddy8362820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

It looks awesome. The lighting looks really good imo.

Also the voice acting isn't cheesy like in most games. It sounds like a movie.

P.S. Is anyone else annoyed to hell with those stupid video ads on the side that you cant mute for some reason? N4G needs to get rid of them or something...

The_Nameless_One2820d ago

I have never seen people drooling and super hyped over a game, that's not a part of a known franchise, when they didn't see a SINGLE gameplay footage or demo. Sorry but color me skeptic. Want me to get impressed then show me some gameplay then maybe I'll buy a ticket for the hype train.

KeiserSosay47882820d ago

I agree on all points, especially the last one....
Those ads are so freakin' weak dude, I can't stand it.
Anyway, this game seems to have a heavy rain feel with much more sincerity. Heavy Rain sometimes seemed to shoot too high for emotional response, probably due to the fact that they played the same sad piano theme for really emotional parts and even other parts, not as important (really threw it off a few times)
But also, the voice acting is def top notch. Cinematography seems pretty decent as well. I'm hoping this game turns out really good.
Hopefully, it is filed under another win for Quality over Quantity when it releases...