What Gamers want from the Playstation

Revolt-Tech Writes:

The Playstation 3 sure has come a long way since the disastrous launch way back in 2006, the main avenue of advancement being the evolution of PSN from a 3rd rate service to one of the best and most active gaming communities . Compared to its main rival, Xbox Live, PSN has done an amazing job for a service offered to users free of charge. They’re delivered so much… but damn it, we want more. Here’s Revolt-Techs wishlist of what we want via firmware updates by the end of 2011:

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writersblock3730d ago

Anyone remember that interface some guy made in photoshop?

I want that

xino3730d ago's on ps3 us board.

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

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ABizzel13730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

1) More streamlined. Yes. It's not killing the PS3, and it would go unnoticed once it kicked in, but it is needed.

2) Voice Messaging. That would be nice, but a party system, would be better.

3) Inbox updates. I could care less. The item icon is good enough, but if some people want a number, then that's fine, and it should be extremely easy to add.

4) Downgrade PS Home. You read my mind. I have been thinking this for the longest. If the characters and the spaces weren't so detailed then things would load a lot faster. I'd rather have near instant loading, and micro downloads, then high polygon and great textures in what's suppose to be a social network. Drop the realism and go artistic next time.

5) Private Chat. I agree, but again not a must have.

6) Rename Friends. Not going to happen. I had the same idea, but for games. Let us organize our games based on PS1, PSP, PSN, and PS3 games. I have over 100 games, and it would be great if I could move the titles I play the most to the top for quicker access.

7) User Generated Dynamic Themes. Once again you read my mind. We can already make themes, now let us make Dynamic themes.

Good job, this was a nice change of pace for the normal n4G.

Nate-Dog3730d ago

Definitely agree about the XMB, it's the only big problem I have with PSN currently. I still don't know why it loads up all the other categories that require you to go back to the Home menu to use (i.e. Video, picture, system settings, browser etc.). Just load up the Friends list and all the other bits on that category and it's a big, big help.

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elmaton983730d ago

I agree and also a browser upgrade would great (make it google chrome).

Tony-Red-Grave3730d ago

that and when playing games the XMB is omega slow its quick when your not, but during it takes awhile to load/load friends/msgs/reply/then close i know i'm not the only whos been kicked from a game because i'm not moving

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Mr Tretton3730d ago

Custom XMB! Cross game chat so people will shut up about it.

And for Blu Rays to actually start where I last stopped. It seems most of them don't support that. I don't know if it's the hardware or the software, but it's the one big downside of BD and seems crazy considering my PS3 still remembers the place of DVDs I haven't watched in a couple of years.

Tony-Red-Grave3730d ago

how bout you go figure out why sohy CAN"T implement X-game chat then come back and post it.

instead they should add a feature similar to X-game chat where you can speak to a friend no matter where he is in the game as long as you'r playing the same game.

thebudgetgamer3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

tree fity.

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