Nintendo to distribute Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

VG247: Nintendo’s just announced it’s to distribute Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for 3DS in Europe.


New Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Key Art From a Retail Poster

This image basically confirms that in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon we will be seeing an alternate story. While it has been stated by Nintendo multiple times that this was the case, they were never really clear on it.

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Antnee5342261d ago

Why in fucks name did the designs for the mc make it through the planing stages of development? They are by far the worse thing pokemon have produced.

MeteorPanda2260d ago

but...you customize your own characters now? l dont like that boys neck. holy shit it's about as strong as a twig

Antnee5342260d ago

I understand that, but if you pick a boy you get the worse choices.

MeteorPanda2260d ago

oh for sure. The franchise just shits on the male version more and more per new entry, lol

Antnee5342259d ago

It's so weird being that the player base is 70/30 male you know. You would think that they would give the males a better choice selection.


Hey! Pikmin Review - Culture of Gaming

Hey! Pikmin is brand new adventure set on the Nintendo 3DS as Captain Olimar's ship crash lands on a mysterious alien planet.

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TargusX2261d ago

Every time I see 'released on Steam' my heart sinks. Why don't these guys release on GOG instead?


Metroid: Samus Returns Review - Culture of Gaming

Beware Space Pirates. Beware Metroids. Samus Aran is back and she is locked & loaded.

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