DC Universe Online voice chat upgraded plus other fixes

XMNR: Sony Online Entertainment have been busy little little bees as they are releasing another new hotfix this morning for the PS3 and PC to fix the issues with DC Universe Online's voice chat and other glitches. This is after releasing a hotfix yesterday to knock out a glitch that left some over-powered.

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ThatCanadianGuy3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Glad to see the brawling glitch fixed.Jimbo, captain barbell, superpatriot & Rock were some of the only REAL exploiters using it daily, all day everyday on "No mans land" server.

Let's see how well they do now, while everyone else has been honing their skills doing real PvP.These guys are going to get destroyed.

Edit below:

Basically, just be in the flying moment mode and tap square to punch.It does x3, maybe x4 more damage then it should.And i suspect your toughness goes through the roof too.I tried the glitch a few times, i'll admit.In the arena, with a garbage brawling cestus i bought for dirt cheap was doing 350+ damage a hit.And you can hit 10-15 times in 10 secs by just mashing square.It was beyond overpowering.

Really glad they fixed it.

Simon_Brezhnev3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I'm glad im not heavy on PVP until most of the glitches are patched. I think them people who exploited should have they they ranked started back at level 1. LMFAO

CptFlashHeart3735d ago

I'm still not sure whether I want to dive into this world yet. I loved the buggy-as-shit beta but wasn't sure it was going to be worth £120 a year to me..

william25023735d ago

I'm getting my copy today, won't be playing until tomorrow though. Off work for 5 days I'm going to dive in 2 feet first :)

2 of my work friends are hooked, one on PS3 and the other on PC. My friend with the PS3 copy had to be convinced before he would get it, to quote him, "I'm not paying a tenner a month to play a game!" Then I convinced to try it with the free month trial and he is absolutely hooked.

Look out for The Sapphire Squirrel from tomorrow people. He'll be dispensing justice like its going outta fashion!

BX813735d ago

This game is well worth it. Plus you really don't have to pay every month. Take a month or 2 off if you really want!

zootang3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )


The way I look at it, is 3 games. I can buy three games in a year play them and then forget about them.

With DCUO it's something I'm investing in for the long run. Not DC itself but my character. He will always be there with new features, quests and items. What more could you ask for?

c0nnnn3735d ago

i agree with zootang, i've been playine Wow for a while now and since this came out i havent even touched my cata yet....the game does have flaws but as u can see they are fixing them and just as any other MMorpg the game dosnt get real intense until you cap out at 30

Killzoned3735d ago

Down in the UK, Game/Gamestation/Argos/Curry/C omet all bloody sold out! And am hearing from Game and Gamestation that they won't be restocking anymore? any reason why?

I bought my copy on Amazon on expressed delivery cause i want the GAME ASAP! any guys on the EU server? i need some peepz to play with lol

THE TRUTH3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

To the ignorant and uninformed gamers who want a "discount" on DCUO. Check the PSN store and educate yourself on the monthly prices. It ONLY cost 14.99 IF you buy one month at a time. They offer you the choice of how you want to pay, be it one month, three months, six months, or one year at a time. The more monthly time you buy at once the bigger the discount. Those are the facts so can we please end this whining about the 14.99 a month fee, you want a discount then buy a years worth at 134.99 instead of month by month at 14.99. It's 180.00 for a year month by month or 135.00 a year up front, its up to you.

Redempteur3735d ago

Nice to see the polish and updates needed for the life of a solid MMO

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