Games piracy 'heyday' in the past - Nintendo

The 3DS contains the most sophisticated anti-piracy technology of any console in Nintendo history, UK general manager David Yarnton has told CVG - and arrives at a time when illegal software distributors are under greater threat than ever.

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Yi-Long3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

... I know I won't be buying one if I can't play downloaded games on it.

And I know there are many MANY DS-owners (as well as PSP-owners) who also only ever bought the system, because it was possible to download free games for it.

For handheld-fans, the systems will be must-buys. No doubt about it. But many people only very very rarely play on a handheld.

Personally, I only play when I'm on the train or a plane, which is at most once or twice a month. So for me, a handheld that doesn't play downloaded games, wouldn't really be worth the money, cause I'd hardly ever play on it.

I am mostly a home-console gamer, and I do buy all those games, and that's because I do spend 1 or more hours every day enjoying those systems and games.

ChickeyCantor3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

so wait you mean "illegale" downloaded games?

ddelella3735d ago

Every time some idiot boasts about having anti-pirating technology that just makes them a target for hackers. Going off past case there should be a hack within a few days shortly followed by a Nintendo lawsuit where they whine about it. Personally if you think your security is good just let it speak for itself. No one buys a game system because it has good anti-piracy protection.