Leipzig Games Convention 06 line-ups

First things first: Germany is a wonderful place for firsts. I had my first beer there (later I had my first yard of ale, and my friend had his first stomach-pumping). I had my first schnitzel there, and my first sauerkraut, somewhat stereotypically, but less so was my first jaywalking charge. And my first sighting of a transsexual man throwing a spaniel at a police car. This week should prove another good'un for firsts, with the Leipzig Games Convention set to host a number of big games. Quite a large number in fact.

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Nodoze5379d ago

Where are all the PS3 titles on this list? There appear to be more 360 games listed (although Sony first party was not listed).

Is this a trend?

Jaleel Boone5378d ago

Sony has already announced that the PS3 won't be playable at GC.

kewlkat0075379d ago

Wasn't ready or something like that? Or they are waiting for the big "TGS", hoping to get some homefield advantage where it's more important.

BIadestarX5379d ago

I think it is on Sony's best interest to keep the public in the dark until launch. Fans will buy the system regardless; and Sony does not need more bad publicity. This is why they are not showing much and saying much. If Sony is smart they will continue to show CGI, they can’t afford to allow the PS3 to be compared to the 360. And about the online service, I bet they will not show anything until the PS3 is out and all the systems are sold.

Shadow Flare5379d ago

bLaDEstard, im glad there aren't more losers in this world like you

BIadestarX5379d ago

you broke my heart... Poor Sony Fanboys; they have nothing to say.

kewlkat0075379d ago

right about the whole "bad Press" thing. Still its 3 months to go till launch and not much info about thier online or whatnot? Why the hell are people buying this system again?
Besides having the money to do so..

pmx5379d ago

With all the negative rumors about the ps3 lately, i hope that sony don't make more last minute, unespected and undesired changes, they are like one step forward and one step backward, even sony employees seems to be confused right now

wakkiwakko5379d ago

Didn't sony just say, "Fu(k Leipzig! Full of Nazys and not worthy gamers!"

TGS is where Sony is going to shine. :( Shame about Leipzig tho. Such an insult to Europe!

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