The Authentic RPG and its Tragic Demise

Critical Gamer writes: What makes an RPG an RPG? Is it the stats? Leveling up with experience points? Health items and loot? The expansive genre spans from real-time action RPGs to turn-based strategy RPGs, and many a debate has been held on what should be included in the list. But by oft-ignored definition, an RPG is (quite obviously and literally) a role-playing game. However, the meaning veiled behind those three unassuming letters is usually trivialized at best, and is frequently forgotten altogether.

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Jim Crikey3733d ago

It's true; most RPGs hefting that acronym around aren't actually 'proper' RPGs.

hay3733d ago

Today's RPG doesn't mean Role Playing Game but rather Stat/Skill Distributing Game.

But not all is lost. There will be some return of solid true RPGs in few years.

pcz3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i thought 'authentic rpg' was a polite term for a game with really clunky gameplay mechanics. lets face it, thats what most of these so called authentic rpg's are.

i think games like zelda ocarina of time re-wrote what an rpg should be like. accessible.

monster hunter tri is an example of what im talking about, and its not even on the extreme end.. its clunky. the design of the game is user unfriendly. why should we put up with these old fashion game designs just to please the nostalgic, or those not able to accept anything new.

i think its just the 'elite,' the gaming snobs, who if they had it their way, there would be no consoles, and gaming would still have the geeky image, and to admit being a gamer would be social suicide.

scruffy_bear3733d ago

All Zelda felt more like action adventure game than a RPG too me.

Troll-without-Bridge3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

This guy doesn't know what RPG's are.

And RPG is is a game based on statistical analysis, and how those stats influence directly in the gameplay. through hit detection (in cases of combat) or ability skills (like in fallout). So if i have a level 10 knight, my basic melee with deal less damage than a level 11. And if i have level 5 of sneak, i will have much less chances of passing unnoticed through the obstacle.

So what makes FFXIII and RPG that RDR doesn't have? RPG elements, its as simple as that. in FFXIII you you have magic and strength attributes, which you can level up according to your progress, each level corresponds to a different analysis of the damage dealt. Then you have independent classes, or more commonly known as "roles", you can level each role to deal different kinds of damage or effects, you can combine weapons with items also to trigger special effects, so you have several variables.

RPGs are math, and every japanese RPG follows that rule very strictly, this comment has merely Displayed his ignorance on the matter.

anasurimbor3732d ago

Couldn't agree with you more.

"RPGs are math": a basic and perfect definition of the traditional genre.

mightyboot3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

@Mihael-Keehl Thanks for having a brain :)

pcz3732d ago

That is exactly what i am talking about. Clunky, boring 'game' 'play' (if you can even call that a game or playing. Modern rpgs let you use your intuition, they are accessible. what you just described was a geeks wet dream. the typical game a skinny,spotty, loser would play. In a darkened room. people have moved on from games that suck the life out of you, gaming has moved on.

only the self proclaimed 'elite' gamer would want their games to be so drab and boring. its not my ignorance, its your (and others like you) unwillingness to accept and embrace the new. there is a reason why those rpg's you like went out of fashion... becvause they are awful. They aren't fun.

here's some maths for you: rbp- all the bollocks maths= fun!


Neckbear3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

A role-playing VIDEOGAME is a game that borrows heavily from the Dungeons and Dragons mechanics and ruleset.

Stuff like character growth, attack dicerolls and other stuff are what make an "RPG" an "RPG".

Jesus christ. The concept isn't so hard to grasp.

Edit: Basically, what Mihael-Keehl said.

Heh, gotta check other's comments before actually commenting...

Xfanboy3732d ago

checkout my avatar!! Im good on pc when it comes to rpgs..

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