Final Fantasy XIV: A Collection of Mistakes

Critical Gamer writes: Mistakes can sometimes be a good thing. If you can take the mistake and then move on and learn from it, then at least something positive came out the other end. The second MMO in the Final Fantasy franchise however has been making substantial mistakes since before day one – and has yet to make any effort to learn from them.

Though they have yet to learn from their mistakes, the team behind Final Fantasy XIV (FF14) have at least taken steps to admit them, as seen in a rather desperate and pitiful public apology to the players of the game that we reported on here. It has been just over a month since that apology and the game has seen one large patch of extra content, which did little to fix core problems that should have been caught over six months ago.

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scruffy_bear3729d ago

Is Final Fantasy 14 still coming to PS3

Jim Crikey3729d ago

According to Play, 25th March in the UK:

After reading this article though, I'm not interested.

Optical_Matrix3729d ago

It's still coming to PS3 but the March release date was pushed back a while ago. I think it's set for Q3 of this year. My bet is a similar time to when the PC version was launched last year. I really want this game so I'm hoping Square Enix pull their act together and fix it up nicely.

scruffy_bear3729d ago

we have to wait and see if Square Enix fixes it for the PS3

Darkfiber3729d ago

All you people who disagreed with me when I said this game was shit, all I have to say now is HAH! Serves you right for saying a game is good when you haven't even played it, especially when you are arguing against someone who actually has played it.