Crysis 3 plot already mapped out - Crytek

Sequel's creation "depends on the success of Crysis 2"

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-Superman-2823d ago

Crysis was something new to gaming
Crysis 2 is bad and another coridor shooter... Crysis 3 already?
I can see milking...

Shanks2823d ago

let them fail peacefully.

imvix2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Now that its a mutiplat let the milking begin, yearly releases with little to no advancement ftw.


Its called dropping support for what you just released. Look at the way EA and Activision have been doing business lately.

EA releases BC2 in march, 5 months later we have MOH, now they already have BF3 announced. All of them will have supposedly simular graphics, simular MP. However they will milk you for 60usd. Back in the old days Devs used to release games then give it a while, the player base used to increase, the game used to be supported for a while. Custom user created content used to be out (which used to give you new maps for free, which is what you get now by paying 60usd every few months for a new game).

EA will even go to steps like discountinueing online servers just to ensure people move onto the next game.

Take a look at activision, a new COD is announced just after one has been on the market for a few months. We just had black ops release and their talk of MW3. Where are the mod tools we were promosed for black ops?

Naughty dog gives you a SP experience, every uncharted has appeared 2 years after the previous game. Its not like they are milking the franchise on a yearly basis.

anh_duong2823d ago

i reckon the plot for crysis 3 revolves around killing bad aliens

nickjkl2823d ago

i can see the ending of crysis 2 now

what are you doing


guigsy2823d ago

How is it milking? Most games are made with a sequel in mind, Naughty Dog will undoubtedly be looking at Uncharted 4 already.

nickjkl2823d ago

doubt a uncharted 4 is coming out uncharted racing is a different thing

SJPFTW2823d ago

LOL they make 3 games how is that milking? especially when they are a couple years apart?

distorted_reality2823d ago

Is no real surprise that they've got the rough story mapped out for the third game, am assuming they're treating C2 as the development and C3 as the conclusion. Nothing new here.

Quagmire2823d ago

Cant wait for Crysis2, although knowing EA, theyll have an online pass for it.

jaosobno2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Plot in Crysis games? LOL! Good one. So far the best joke I've heard in 2011.

WhiteNoise2823d ago

""But if it sells anywhere near what [Call of Duty] Black Ops has, there may be more from Crysis.""

God Cervat is a douchebag...

They sold the F out. Most other developers would say "holy crap, we sold 3 million units of a gamer that NO ONE COULD RUN for 3 years after release.

My O.C GTX480 gets 38fps avg on v.high @1080p with 8aa in crysis....In other games that look 90% as good, I'm running 32csaa with a 60 frame min...

If they don't make crysis 3 simply because they are greedy and don't sell COD figures ( which they won't ) then I don't care what game they make next, I'm not buying it.

distorted_reality2823d ago

Tbh as long as the engine continues to progress, i'm not that fussed if they don't do another Crysis.

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The story is too old to be commented.