Dead or Alive: Dimensions Character Artwork Revealed

The first in a series of new image reveals coming from Tecmo Koei Europe today, Electronic Theatre brings you a selection of key character artwork images from the highly anticipated Dead or Alive: Dimensions. Featuring many of the most popular characters from the Dead or Alive series, these all-new images also include Zack in his inspired Opoona themed costume. Surely enough reason to purchase the game in itself.

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toaster3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Wow, those look almost or even as good as the PS2/XBox character models...

Looking forward to this a lot, I love the DOA games.

xino3729d ago

this electronic theather SHOULD FARKING sort out the site man!

it just freaking hangs on the page and then resume!

this has been going on for AGES!
We are in 2011 and it's not even sorted out!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)