Xbox Live Arcade's December sales of new releases charted

How well did those new shiny digital titles do over the December period on Xbox Live Arcade? Thanks to math we can know the answer in fancy chart form.

That's right no goat sacrifice needed on this one. Doritos' Crash Course was certainly the winner as it was free. What did Dead Rising: Case West manage?

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Kran3734d ago

Dorito's Crash Course did well :) Great game and it was free!

It was like Total Wipeout for Avatars :D I own 100% achievement because of it. Same with Harms Way. Thanks Microsoft :P You did something right for once.

DelbertGrady3733d ago

Crysis 2 Beta and Bulletstorm demo on the same day followed by Breach wasn't too shabby either.

edgeofblade3733d ago

"Go" failed to live up to it's name.