IGN: Dead Space iPad Review

Dead Space is not a cop-out, shoehorned experience – it’s a real-deal chapter in the Dead Space franchise that fits right in with the console games even though it takes a slightly different tack by de-emphasizing shock-jumps and laying on action scene after action scene. But that just means EA understands the differences (and, yes, limitations) of the iDevices. Dead Space has good controls, great visuals, and a fun story. It may repeat itself a little too much, but the blood-soaked ride never feels bloated. I preferred it on iPad for the bigger screen, but iPhone version is just as fun. Dead Space fans are well-served by this download.

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dragunrising3734d ago

I thought this game was going to be a quick cash in, but it appears to be quite good. Now if only EA would release this game for Android phones, I would be all set. If iOS keeps all of these great games to itself, I may or not switch over.