Possible solution found for Mass Effect 2 save issues

M2G Writes:

Someone has posted a handy guide as to how to avoid corrupt save files in Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, which should be handy until Bioware can solve the issues.

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Valkyre3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

People this is my guide posted originally in Bioware's official Mass Effect 2 board. My nick there "Valkyre4" needs to get the credit not a copy/paste random dude...

You can find the guide here:

This is an outright lie and those folks at need to get their facts straight!!

TANUKI3734d ago

I haven't played ME2 long enough to have this occur, but if it's happen to a majority of people, it could happen to me. So, thanks.

TreMillz3734d ago

well save issue hasnt happened to me so im good...for now :(

BattleAxe3734d ago

What a bunch of jerks over at like another bullshit site along with Lens of Truth, Gamingbolt and Ironstar.

I bought this game the day it came out, but I've decided to wait for a patch before I start playing.

wotta3734d ago

Ah sorry, never realised it came from the Mass Effect forums, I will credit you and change the story to reflect this.

Valkyre3734d ago

Ok thanks, It's just that I hate it when people copy/paste without giving credit where its due.

Hope this helps alot of people with the problem.

Redempteur3734d ago

why do i need to be signed in to EA servers ? this isn't need for speed .. is there a need for online interractivity ? i don't get why.

distorted_reality3734d ago

News updates mainly. But considering there's only going to be limited Cerberus updates until ME3 launches, you don't really need it.

Valkyre3734d ago

You dont have to. There is option not to connect with EA servers. The problem is that the game encourages you to connect with them and the default setting is set to "on".

You can disable it and you can play offline just fine. But if the corrupt data has something to do with EA servers, you just need to avoid them entirely, thus the guide I wrote.

Blacktric3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Game also sends gameplay information about your choices, if you imported a save/played the interactive comic, which class did you choose, which weapons you've used the most, etc, to Bioware. Which helps them shaping Mass Effect 3 and other games.

OmegaSlayer3734d ago

Valkyre, this is half joke, half curiosity.
How many times you tried all those different steps and how much time in trials and errors did you need to get to make the guide?

distorted_reality3734d ago

I'm wondering what the actual underlying problem is though....never had any issues at all with the PC version, and I can't see the save system being completely different on every platform.

Is very weird.

Bolts3734d ago

Fallout Vegas for the PC had a similar problem to this where saved games would get corrupted because of some odd issue with Steam cloud.

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The story is too old to be commented.