Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hacks: The Community Responds

It’s no secret that the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been suffering some significant issues of late. The game’s multiplayer mode – arguably the key component for many players – has become one of the first victims to the recent jailbreak of the PlayStation 3 firmware, allowing skilled hackers to modify the game rules as they wish. While developers Infinity Ward have promised that they will look into the issues, many gamers remain unsatisfied with the response, and given the evidence presented to Electronic Theatre, that comes as little surprise.

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Istanbull3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Do you honestly expect a company that threatens to shut down servers if we dont stop complain, to solve problems?

MW2 had bugs, glitches, cheaters the month it got released.

"The problem lies with the PlayStation 3 firmware, which Activision suggest needs to be updated before these issues can be rectified."

Utter bullshit, the jailbreak is just a scapegoat to cover their horrible security.

theEx1Le3734d ago

All of these HACKS are only possible because of the jailbreak. Everyone knows that the game was riddled with bugs before this but no where near this level. The coding for the MW games is trash rinse and repeat and thats one of the factors but there is no way to fix this until the jailbreak is fixed

zeksta3734d ago

Incorrect Exile, you seem to have forgotten the UFO hack on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, no one required hacks then, so this is not at fault of Jail Break, this is at fault of the devolopers and their shitty excuses for games.

StanLee3734d ago

The XBox 360 version of MW2 been hacked to shit and they haven't ever address many of those hacks and exploits so good luck with that on the PS3.

r1sh123734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

the ps3 hacks are slightly to do with the ps3 jailbreak, but what most people dont know is these sorts of hacks were happening before the jailbreak. 1 guy managed to hack the game via the save data on the ps3, MW2 security was crap, xbox got hacked and the exact same hacks are on the ps3.
Im pretty sure it will start making it to the better ps3 games soon..?
Sony need to try and patch firmware hacks faster.
I remember a rumour saying sony can detect self signed software....Um thats not happening.

I agree with Stanlee....they never fixed the xbox hacks, theres no way the ps3 will get fixed.

ugabugaz3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

This has nothing to do with the Jailbreak. The hacks started happened much earlier..It's only now though that they've been developed to such an extent that things like stats can be modified for other players.

I uh UFO'd on COD4 :D, on my alternate Stay Puft Man (I forget the exact spelling). Not really to get a better score, I actually did worse, but to troll people really. Sneak up right behind them, plant my head in a crate etc...Good times.

360degrees3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

So in regards to the ps3, and its current "open season" hacking status due to the root key fiasco....can you guys imagine if the multilayer on one of its few flagship titles Killzone 3 gets hacked?...why N4G might possibly implode/explode depending on the severity of the hack

Biggest3734d ago

Good thing Killzone 3 has dedicated servers and moderators. Even if they do hack/cheat, they'll be gone in a flash.

deadpoole3734d ago

Ive bought all map packs ... but I cant play this game anymore ... its really stupid.

socomnick3733d ago

initial mw2 hacks were uploaded using the mw2 save.

No hacking, no exploiting just take the mw2 save , put it in a usb and run a program on your pc.

Thats it, the ps3s poor security is to blame for this.

Compare the way to hack mw2 on the ps3 to the 360.

On the 360 you need a jtagged console, and jtagged consoles are not possible anymore, you need an old school 360 with firmware before nxe.

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MarcusFenixITA3734d ago

my whole MW2 Account has been hacked by such fucking idiots

Gamer_Z3734d ago

I used to get into hacked games all the time in COD4 and this was before the whole PS3 jailbreak thing, it wasn't a big deal I would just drop out of the game and find another one. I remember I got into this one game that was hacked and it was fun but when I went to create a class I had all the weapons! I like to earn my weapons so all I did was pretige and it reset all my stats.

maverick11913734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

people still play it?

its the most unbalanced game out this generation imo

noob tubers switching to the class they used with a grenade launcher switch and repeat yeh thats fair

even before the hacks it was unbalanced

and it has nothing to do with the ps3 jailbreak like zeksta has said you can do the UFO glitch in COD4 activision and IW need to pull there fingers out because after a period of time people will become restless and end up not buying the game because of the reputation its getting of not patching glitches and hacks

Kon3734d ago

I have lot's of fun when playing MW2. I don't know why people try do downplay the game so much.

nskrishna23734d ago

Loads of people play it...its better than black ops multi anyway

Parasyte3734d ago

There was also the infinite care package glitch and the javelin glitch as well as the wall hacks, 10th prestige hacks, and wall hacks. All of these were on PS3, AS WELL AS 360, before the jailbreak even happened.

These started to crop up about a month or so after the game first released.

zeddy3734d ago

its got nothing to do wih the jailbreak otherwise why isnt black ops hacked yet?

Parasyte3734d ago

Give it time, dude. It'll happen.

Zashule3734d ago

Cause Black Ops isn't playable online, otherwise it would be hacked by now. You can't hack a match if you can't join a match.. lol

Octo13734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I have not touched MW2 in a while and just recently stopped playing Black Ops. Like this fella I was thinking of popping in the old MW2 disc but after watching this I will not even bother.I was apprehensive to buy Modern Warfare:Domination on PSN due to a recent video released of someone already hacking the game which is barely a week old.I ended up buying MW:Domination and for $7 its been worth it. I just hope that it does not end up like MW2. Thank god PS3 owners have KZ3 as well to look forward to next month.

theballa1130923734d ago

Yeah this game has gone to hell. Hacks make it unplayable.

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