Pleasure, pain and videogames

How much pleasure do you derive from playing videogames, and has a game ever caused you actual emotional or physical pain? We muse about the subject and want to know your thoughts.

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MGRogue20173729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

"has a game ever caused you actual emotional or physical pain?"

wtf... no, of course not. Wierd.

Video Games are for enjoyment. Nothing more, Nothing less.. Unless of course, Your a professional gamer who plays in tournaments for money.

eutiagopato3729d ago

Pain? no

Emotional responses yeah

M-Easy3729d ago

Exactly, The end of MGS 3&4 & Heavy Rain come to mind for pulling on heart strings. Silent Hill 1&2, Resident Evil 1&2 and even Dead Space 1&2 have scared the hell out of me, all emotional responses.

Too_many_games3729d ago

Cutting off Ethan's finger in Heavy Rain was pretty fingers hurt afterward lol

smashman983729d ago

well i played with the knife attatchment for the move so u dont even know

Flexatron3729d ago

Games make me rage more than anything, especially games like ninja gaiden :)