Bulletstorm Leaves Me Wanting More, Not In The Good Way

Bullletstorm, a game which touts play so intriguing it will “pucker your butt hole,” left me wanting a few things that surprised me from the development company of Gears of War. Sitting down with the newest Epic Games title, I felt robbed of my FPS freedoms, while reigning down clunky controls, and yearning for a decent combination from a system which is very unclear, and inconsistent.

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wallis3734d ago

Do you know why games journalists are taken as seriously as a hairdressing degrees? Because people like you don't do any bloody research. This is your job and you're clearly putting not a bit of bloody effort into it. The development team is people can fly. The people who make gears are making gears 3, not this. This is made by the people who did painkiller, epic are helping them with guidance. Jesus Christ I've watched one trailer and read one article and I know more than you.

HarryMonogenis3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Haha! My thoughts exactly. By the way, this "website" has an Alexa rating of over 4 million -- we now know why.

I'm actually pretty excited for Bulletstorm. Not only because of what I've seen and played, but also because the developers, People Can Fly, are Polish! Go Polish! :D

EDIT: Just read the bottom of this post:

"if you’re really looking for something to do, pick it up on a rental before moving to purchase the game."

He writes like he's played the full game. Pathetic.

hay3734d ago

@HarryMonogenis: What's up with the game makers and nationalities?

r1sh123734d ago

It really shouldnt matter where a game is made...I mean thats not what gaming is about.
I played the demo this morning, its sort of the FPS of gears (sort of)...
Its got the crazy gore everywhere (love it), I do like it. Its a change from COD, im not to sure how competitive multiplayer will work, but the single player/co-op looks like it could be pretty good.
I never really got into gears, I do like third person games, but I didnt have time to get into gears.
Since Im not gonna be buying activision games, this looks like a great alternative.
This year is looking pretty nice for gamers...
I do recommend the demo, and hopefully I will recommend the final game, because 2010 was full of s**t. Very few good games came out, but 2011 looks packed.

ksense3734d ago

except that it doesnt have competitive multiplayer from what i hear

dabri53734d ago

Yep, he acts like he has played the full game, which is more open, and allows more combos like he is complaining the demo doesn't. The demo area was made to be confined to give people a taste of the system without letting them go as crazy as they can within the full game. Also, if you notice, all the guns and leash weapons are fully upgraded in the demo, something you have to work on in the full game.

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Active Reload3734d ago

That article was garbage! It seems this person went into the game with a *pre-dislike* for it.

JoeIsMad3734d ago

Actually, you'd be surprised how much I was flamed for "controversially" saying that I figured this game had more sales potential than Killzone 3. I had no predisposition of this game, other than the obvious similarities between this and Duke Nukem.

Azfargh3734d ago

Looks a noob too...

But even so, the game doesn´t seems interesting. It forces too much to be "cool" and "brutal"... kinda Devi May Cry 3 cutscene with Dante using a missile like a airboard and shouting "WoooHOOOOOEW!".

And the first-person camera loses most of the melee impact in a non pre-scripted animation...

Anyway, the guy just didn´t seem to care for getting deeper inside the combo system. People like that just make internet reviews loose more credibility.

The Meerkat3734d ago

Bulletstorm was the better of the two demos yesterday.

Bulletstorm felt new.
Crysis 2 felt like an average FPS.

Dread3734d ago

i agree
i did not like Crysis 2 that much,

and i have to admit the graphics did not impress either.

Neckbear3734d ago

"hurr durr"

"durr hurr"

"lol duek is better"

That pretty much sums up this article.

Never change, gaming community. With your silly rivalries and autistic behaviors.

Legionaire20053734d ago

This maybe be a little off topic but this relates to Epic and Insomniac games. Fact!!! Gears of War and Resistance series release around the same time as each other!!! I guess both game studio has been spying on each other lol!!! Its really true. Gears of War and resistance part 1 release 2006, Gears and Resistance part 2 release 2008, and now Gears and Resistance part 3 is coming out this fall most likely in September for both. Both storylines are very similar with the doomsday for mankind concept where in part 3 both have the alien side at a huge advantage. Resistance and Gears are brothers lol!!! By the way Bulletstorm was a short but good demo. Can it compete with Duke Nukem don't know about that call them brothers too lol!!!

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