Game People: Goldeneye 007 Radio Play

Radio 4 style radioplay review of GoldenEye. Fred and Bob let us know what they make of GoldenEye 007 Wii and Bloodstone 360.

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HairyArse3729d ago

This is an unusual way to review a game. I like it.

shoinan3729d ago

Good stuff :) Very odd but quite funny.

paulgovan3729d ago

I want them to do one for Uncharted 3. But they seem to focus on 360 and Wii.

NatalieSabin3729d ago

I listened to it but I'm not quite sure if I get the humour? I was concentrating more on listening to the voices rather than what they were actually saying, so kind of missed the review?

Good effort though, nice to see something different going on in reviews.

holdmykidney3729d ago

Very interesting review of these two Bond games. It's nice to hear these views - actually I'd got the impression that it was the other way around: that Blood Stone was going down quite well and that Goldeneye Wii was something of a disappointment. Good to hear a different side.

Veneficus3729d ago

Wha--? Aside from a few anomalies, most reviewers and fans I've seen talk about these games say Goldeneye is the success and Blood Stone is okay. :P