Silent Hill: Downpour – can survival horror live again?

Can Konami bring its 'franchise' back to the creepy majesty of the first three titles?

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Mr Tretton3730d ago

It would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.

morganfell3730d ago

Survival Horror can't survive if you cripple people with an incomplete control scheme and then fail to issue a simple patch. Besides, survival horror has morphed somewhat but it is alive.

A great many of us threw away a full price on Homecoming only to be screwed by something like look inversion. I won't go near another Silent Hill game until I know this issue is fixed. Quite frankly the lack of any apology from Konami for that bit of idiocy has me doubting I'll buy anymore Silent Hill games. There are just too many titles to choose from to fret over a single series.

Mr Tretton3730d ago

Bro, you are always way too serious.

Kurt Russell3730d ago

Would be amazing if they did, but the last few have been so far off the mark. I won't be holding my breath either.

Blacktric3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Without Team Silent and Akira Yamaoka and his team? No way. It's going to be another wannabe action horror game. I mean look at the developer. Vatra Games? A Czech Republic based company that makes FPS and Action games making a "good" Silent Hill game? GTFO! Konami and their stupid CEO's and developers and whatnots have already killed Silent Hill with the fifth game and now they're making this, hoping that fans will love it. BAH!