RPGamer Best of 2010 Editors' Choice Awards

RPGamer: Was 2010 really "The Year of the RPG" after all is said and done? It's not hard to agrue that it was a great year for the genre, but maybe not for the reasons we first thought. This year saw some big blockbusters, some huge flops, and some RPGs that came out of nowhere to impress. We saw some fantastic remakes, some amazing sequels, and some great new IPs, so all in all the year was a great success. Will it get better from here? How will things change in the future? Who cares? This is 2010 and here are the games we think are great.

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Objective3731d ago

How could they give best graphics to FFXIII?? Cutscenes were great no doubt, but the gameplay graphics itself was mediocre at best.

Redempteur3730d ago

did you play the game ? Graphic wise there is NOTHING wrong with FF13 .
grand pulse was superb with huge monsters on the horizon for example with lots of details .. the lighting effects were also excellent.

dabri53730d ago

Very true, if there are any problem with XIII, graphics are not one of them.

SquareEnixFan3730d ago

It was great to see Nier place in the top 3 in multiple categories. Other than FF13 being in the letdown category, I agree with most of their choices.

Stealth20k3730d ago

dq 9 was my game of the year

Tex1173730d ago

Graphically FFXIII was excellent. There was alot of polish.

Neir is a strange game that fans of quirky RPG's will fall in love with. It got pounded in reviews, but for 10-15 bucks...Pick it up.