Yakuza 4 to get “Kuro” and “Shiro” special editions in Europe

Yakuza 4 will be getting “Kuro” and “Shiro” special editions in Europe, according to multiple retailers.

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Istanbull3361d ago

Shiro edition that is! But... can we haz special white PS3 slim edition too? Like Japanese white Yakuza PS3...

Yi-Long3361d ago

... but as far as Yakuza 4 is concerned: I only care about Sega not cutting stuff out again.

Both covers, black and white version, look pretty boring TBH.

Chromer3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

'Kuro' = Black.
'Shiro' = White.

Redempteur3361d ago

Hum the cover for europe as it seems for those screens is dull IMO .

i hope we got those dlc later on the psn

Yi-Long3361d ago

... if it's finished already, it should be on the disc.

I don't buy games that DLC-milk.

Redempteur3361d ago

where is your milking ?

they can give the dlc later months afterwards .

Like the blades of infamous, and like numerous Preorders DLCs for many games ..

Dlc doesn't always means you have to PAY..

KiasuKiasiMan3361d ago

Collector's Edition for Yakuza games.

That's a good sign that Sega has confidence in teh ames. Can't remember if Yakuza 3 had them or not.

Darth Stewie3361d ago

Awesome for those in Europe, sucks for those in the US.

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The story is too old to be commented.