Breach Review (Strategy Informer)

From "If you were one of the many that fell head over heals for Battlefield 1943 on the XBLA and wondered why nobody else was producing such quality first person shooter entertainment, then step this way: Breach has landed.

Spread out over four maps and five game modes – Infiltration, Convoy, Retrieval, Team Deathmatch and Sole Survivor, the opportunities to raise hell are manifold. But Breach’s USP is the addition of the 3rd person cover mode. Find a suitable place to take cover, be it a wall, a boulder or a blown out truck, and you can tuck up tight against it. From this position, you have the option of blind firing, where you can still tweak the aim, or popping up from and getting a 1st person viewpoint. "

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green3730d ago

Will definitely get this game.