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Even with all of its faults, which there are more than a few, it’s hard not to recommend DC Universe Online to just about any comic book fan or those looking to experience something so rarely seen on a console. The amount of content, the sheer number of unlockables and secrets to uncover can create quite the experience and can easily suppress the graphical, audio and UI issues that currently exist. If SOE goes above and beyond to fix the current complaints and entice gamers to return once they’ve completed the initial plot, they could definitely see some long term success.

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ElementX3734d ago

Decent score. I'm having fun with the game. I created 2 characters on Crisis, Flaming Queen (hero) and Ice Mistress (villain).

dragunrising3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

As someone who is hesitant to play any MMO, and primarily a console gamer, what is the main draw for DC Universe? I prefer questing and exploration over player vs player. I've read a lot of good things about it, and its finally peaked my interest.

ElementX3734d ago

Well, there's a lot to explore. I'm not doing PVP but the option is there. It plays like a brawler, you have close and ranged attacks, different combos, and special powers to use. It's not like WoW where you click on an enemy and your character keeps on attacking, you have to do all the work, blocking and attacking with button presses. There are many quests to complete. I'm only lvl 8 with my hero and I've already completed a lot of quests. There are different icons scattered throughout the city, they're like collectables. They are divided into sets where you collect all 5 or so. There are briefs, investigations and I think collections. It's fun to run around and try to find them. There's a ton of stuff to do.

iceman063734d ago

As Element said, you are not stuck to PvP style. There is PvE. If you have ever been a comic book fan or a fan of the hack n slash genre in general...or a combination of both, then this is your game. There are so many different ways to be effective in this game just by mixing and matching your powers and skills. The coolest thing, imo, is that there is no role that is marginalized. Healers actually have to get into the mix in order to get their powers back. I have a level 22 tank style character with ice powers and a level 8 with fire. I have played for about a week 2-3 hours a night and am addicted because I am STILL learning how to maximize my attacks.

dragunrising3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

ElementX- Thanks for filling me in. Combat sounds like a lot of fun and it seems to include the elements of an MMO I would appreciate. Now I just have to find enough time to play it. There are almost too many good games these days. Making a decision of what to buy, is difficult. I expect that the community will be around for a while so whether I start up the game now or later I won't miss out. In the mean time, I hope a trial version becomes available that I can try out. I missed the PSN plus beta. I never got around to downloading it. Now I regret it, haha.

Edit: Thanks iceman06- The more I hear about this game, the more likely I'll pick it up.

Bolts3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Oops posted in the wrong thread lol.

AssassinHD3734d ago

I am having a blast with the game. I have tried several character combinations but Martial Arts/Acrobatics/Gadgets (Traps) is by far the most fun for me.