Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero 3 PS3 exclusive in Japan?

More nightmare scenarios in Japan for Microsoft?

According to the latest Famitsu to just hit the shelves in Japan, Guitar Hero 3 and Call of Duty 4 are listed as PS3 only for 2007 in the PS3 lineup section of the magazine. Devil May Cry 4 is listed as coming to both the 360 and PS3 in the same section. No sign of COD4 or GH3 for the 360 anywhere in 2007 or 2008.

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SmokeyMcBear5731d ago

did the publishers just give up on releasing games in japan for the 360? Interesting

nasim5731d ago

good decision since the x360 sells just 1000 units in JAPAN so why support a dead console. the publishers should also scrape x360 versions in EU where it is doing even worse and make profit from the ps3 versions.

good decision publishers

gunnerforlife5731d ago

r u sure that dmc4 is exclusive to ps3 i wish u were rite but somehow i dont think capcom would do that there all about money.

Witty Comment5730d ago

Nasim, we all know you're notorious for general idiocy... but it says, right there in the subtext "Devil May Cry 4 is listed as coming to both the 360 and PS3 in the same section". Are you really that far gone, or is this a charade? You can't be that staunch a supporter that you're lying to yourself, can you? Although, from reading your posts, that seems to be the case.

I know I won't see a reply to this (at least nothing coherent), so I'm proabbly just as much an idiot as you are for even wasting effort.

BloodySinner5730d ago

He only has one bubble left, why would any sane person consider what nasim has to say?

Anego Montoya FTMFW5730d ago

people relate BUBBLES to INTELLEGENCE.

thats the least INTELLEGENT thing you can say.


Mr PS35730d ago

Sinner has a hard on for bubbles?? whats it all that about sinner

SubZero5730d ago

I have my issues with 360(now on my fith console) but they and any other American company relly don't stand a chance in Japan. For some reason We can adapt to JP style of gaming and concepts.. They are a bit more reserved, XBOX would need to release several A+ titles within a short spand of time to get the JP audience to bite.

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Bilzac5731d ago

IMO japanese prefer ps3 cross platform titles so i dun think these games would have given the 360 sales that big of a boost.

felidae5730d ago

that would be stupid.

why should they do that?

kss5730d ago

xbox 360 offically dead in japan

gunnerforlife5730d ago

xbox has been dead there since there original came out back in the days. wat made u think 360 was gone do any good

goodganja5730d ago

This will ensure console dominance for PS3 in Japan. In turn since most of the AAA games are made from Japanese developers, you'll see more exclusives being developed for PS3. Reason being is because they will be impressed on what they can do on developing for it. In tune you will see people neglecting 360 which will lead for those Jap. exclusives to trinkle down to america and europe for PS3 only in the coming years.

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