Kotaku Review: Dead Space 2 Is Insanely Terrifying, Crazy Good

Dead Space 2 is as much a hallmark of great terror engineering as the 2008 original, a satisfying, heart-racing trip through a hellish environment, full of haunting sight and sound.

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imvix3729d ago

Its over priced with half as much content too. Ill wait till its on a steam discount before making a purchase if at all.

shysun3729d ago

Just started the game(lvl 3 now) an it's better that the first from the start!

saladthieves3729d ago

I'm on Chapter 6 right now...the game is definitely better than the first!

gamer20103729d ago

And the first was already a really great game. I envy you guys. Hopefully I will have it very soon.

Objective3729d ago

Loved the first. This sequel will probably right up there as one of the best games for the year.

TANUKI3729d ago

The game is just pure fun. Tough, but manageable.
Also, the cheap price for the limited edition is too good!

NicSage3729d ago

Wow, started it up within the first 15min i've jumped like 4 times... this is already better than the first. Hope I can make it through....

INehalemEXI3729d ago

I went for DCU and LBP2...I'll get it soon though.

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