Stage Select Podcast: Final Boss (Score: 11) |

You pick the topics and the GameCrashers, joined by Geoff Chorney and Christopher Riccio of Interactive Distractions, will discuss them!

The Questions:

1 Point – Should mouse and keyboard be more accepted on console gaming?
2 Points – Is it about time for Nintendo to try a new IP?
3 Points - Should gaming be treated as and addiction?
4 Points – Should voice talent in games get more recognition and should publishers advertise star power more?
5 Points – Do in game ads ever benefit the player?
6 Points - Will Valve ever release Half Life Episode 3 and why didn’t episodic gaming catch on?
7 Points – What happened to the space Sim or did Eve consume them all
8 Points – What makes a Collector’s Edition worth while, swag or downloadable content?
9 Points – Are devs using multiplayer as a crutch for shorter single player experiences, or do they need multiplayer to make up for slow advances in artificial intelligence?
10 Points – Is 3-D the future or a fad?
11 Points – Is the video game release schedule geared towards holiday shopping, or are releases more evenly spread across the year?

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