GS: Breach Review

Atomic Games' class-based shooter Breach gets reviewed by GS.

Excerpt: "Otherwise, the game has a distinct Counter-Strike feel to it; it’s the closest to the classic class-based team shooter that has been around. It’s probably due to the uniforms, which resemble the CT/terrorist outfits worn in Counter-Strike, and the fact that Breach is a very earthy game. The maps and destructible environments give the game the same grittiness that one feels when playing Dust or Italy. The game also has the slow paced twitch feel of Counter-Strike – there is a lot of maneuvering and positional strategizing that can explode in brief fits of violence. It remains to be seen whether Breach can have the same addictive “one more round” gameplay as C-S, though.

Regardless, Breach is a welcome addition to the class-based persistent shooter genre, and inexpensive as well at a nicely priced $15 (1200 MSP). The game will probably find its niche, and hopefully Atomic Games will regularly support Breach...

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