L.A. Noire Literally Changes The Face of Gaming

The groundbreaking new 'L.A. Noire' videogame shows Hollywood actors bringing real, not just realistic, performances to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

A release date of 20 May is now set in stone for the state-of-the-art detective game. Rockstar Games (‘Grand Theft Auto IV’, ‘Red Dead Redemption’) has devised a cutting-edge new technology for motion-capturing both body movement and facial expressions from actors employed to portray its heroes and villains.

Most notably a technique called Motion Scanning brings the faces in digitised performances to life like never before.

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George Sears3739d ago

Most likely R* would/is implementing this new technology for there other franchises. Maybe Agent and GTA5 would use such techniques.

Looks a bit spooky but so was Old Snake when I first saw him.

Yi-Long3739d ago

... however, I'm still not quite sure what exactly to expect from this game, plus in all the vids the backgrounds/settings looked kinda 'empty'.

GTA4 has all this great stuff going on, dirt on the floor, interesting realistic textures, people all over the place doing their thing. In the trailers for LA Noire I fell all the attention went to the great face-animations, but everything else doesn't really look all that great yet.

Really interested in how the game will turn out though. Could be a masterpiece. Fingers crossed.

sdtarm3739d ago

I dont think LA Noire's graphics are really that good, they are just ok and some characters look rather bland in animations but thats just me... the story looks like a total blockbuster but Im not sure if Buyin it yet

Darkfiber3739d ago

Faces look good, but yeah, the body animations look terrible. I guess that's what happens when you record a real person's face and stick it on the body of a character made by an unknown developer. The difference is staggering, it just looks silly. Yeah, sure, the faces look real but if the body looks stupid then what's the point of doing it?

Also, STILL no gameplay of this, how do they expect anyone with half a brain to buy this game? Only an idiot would buy a game before seeing actual gameplay of it...

morganfell3739d ago

Personally I need to see more. Remember the last time a company *cough* Lucas Arts' Euphoria *cough* talked about revolutionary mocap and physics?

Besides, anyone that was interested in the trailer and is looking for an adult title with a good script, great animations and facial renders, along with good gunplay should go buy Mafia II.

Along with this discussion of a revolutionary look Rockstar needs to demonstrate they can implement good shooting mechanics. RDR was okay but past titles in the GTA series were atrocious in this area.

Stealth20k3739d ago

Not many companies will use this

mightyboot3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Heavy Rain Literally Changed The A$$ of Gaming so i dont doubt R* will change the Face of gaming as we know it.

Darkfiber3739d ago

It didn't really though. Heavy Rain made a splash (no pun intended) when it first came out but no one has really talked about it since and no one has really made a game like it since. And no, this isn't anything like Heavy Rain. It's going to be much more akin to Mafia/GTA. The only thing it has in common is that Heavy Rain is kind of a detective story, that's it.

TacoTaru3739d ago

I guess it still hasn't made it to "uncanny valley" since they aren't yet creeping me out.

clrlite3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

They are "changing the face of gaming"
I don't get it :/