Sony PSP2: Specifications Every Thing We Know before Playstation Meeting 2011

The French website 01net expects to be able to everything we say about the technical details of the PSP2, hours before the PlayStation Meeting of Thursday morning. Indeed, the site would have approached a real SDK of PSP2 (codenamed VETA), probably through a French studio. While stating that some elements are subject to change, this information is a pretty good idea of what should be the console.

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saint_john_paul_ii3730d ago

a GPS accessory was sold for the PSP earlier in its lifespan, games like MGS:portable ops used it to recruit soldiers in the game. i cant figure out why it wasnt built-in the first place.

Hoje03083730d ago

I can't believe how many of the sites are using the same information, each claiming it as their own. Then of course you have the guys that keep posting the same story on N4G. "B-b-b-b-but, this one is translated poorly."
Seriously, Thursday isn't that far away. How about we just sit back and wait for the official news?

sehnsucht3730d ago

I think it was too expensive at the time. GPS tech has really come down in price since then. Smartphones like the iPhone have also helped to make it a more popular hardware feature.

Zydake3730d ago

I just want a R-stick and a promising line-up

Godmars2903730d ago

Anyone else getting painfully sick of this second guessing that seems to have become the norm of gaming "journalism?"

ZombieAssassin3730d ago

Just 48 more hours and we'll all know for sure, I just hope we don't get let down and there be no PSP2 announcement.

Hoje03083730d ago

It'd be worth it, just so these sites and their "sources" would have to bury their collective heads in the sand for a little bit.

Cloud-3730d ago

Anyone know how many websites have been invited to the Playstation Meeting?.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3730d ago

We'll all know in 20 hrs 15 mins.

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