TitanReviews: Have Developers Found the Key to Good Multiplayer Gaming?

At the end of 2010 games like Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Need for Speed which offered unique online experiences that people we’re very happy with. Dead Space 2 released today and yet again it offered a new online experience. Last year Black Ops disappointed many gamers on the PS3, so they branched out and looked for better multiplayer experiences.

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Hockeydud193735d ago

Highly doubt Force Unleashed would make a good multiplayer experience, but I have noticed the trend in games that never had multiplayer, but good singleplayer have good multiplayer. Little confusing, but should get my point.

Quagmire3735d ago

I suppose, Uncharted started with Sp, then added MP. Biohshock did the same, and so did Assassin's Creed and Dead Space.

I reckon its because after making the first game entirely single player, the developers can see what works and what doesnt in terms of MP aspects, and pretty much tests it and uses it in their sequel. I dislike IP's which try and shove a broken, boring, shoehorned MP, such as Dark Void. Cut the MP, and focus in the SP more to make a better game.

DA_SHREDDER3735d ago

You dont have to be a genius to figure out what works and what doesn't. Its called beta. I was in the Dead Space 2 beta and I'll tell you what. It was freakin good, made me forget about Black Op's even though it just came out. Got the limited addition so I dont have to worry bout the online pass either.

Enate3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

DA_SHREDDER no one who bought the game new has to worry about the online pass the limited edition has nothing to do with that. That just means you got Dead Space extraction. Though the people who do have to worry about paying for online. Are people who have more then one system in their house like me who has 3 people who have PS3's. About you thinking the multiplayer beta are you serious? I mean it your opinion and all but man the DS2 multiplayer was just down right boring. It felt just like I thought competitive multiplayer would feel in Dead Space. Sluggish, boring and forced, it just wasn't fun at all.

If that weak example of multiplayer made you forget about a full blown multiplayer like Black ops lets honest. You didn't like Black ops much to begin with. Me nor a single person on my friends list or the entire ign podcast staff liked DS2's multiplayer. An plenty more on here have agreed co-op would have been a much better choice.

I however did buy the collectors edition of the game because I loved the first one show much. Though later I realized it wasn't worth it through any other aspect besides being a fan.

distorted_reality3735d ago

I think more dev's are tacking on MP to try to battle piracy. Some are doing it better than others, but I can't see any point to a Mass Effect MP component, unless it was of the MMO variety. That could be worthwhile - anything else would be a waste imo.

Op243735d ago

Like it says in the article. As long as the devs do something new and creative it could be good.