Conquer Online Epic PvP Carnival – Over 3000 Participants!

Conquer Online has just announced that as of (PST) 08:00, Jan. 23rd, there have been more than 3,100 players that have signed up for the Monk Class PvP Championship, and the Prize Pool has accumulated almost 240,000 game points that worth more than $3,500 USD! And the number of participants is still growing!

The competition will be held on both US and EU servers and the preliminary stage will be divided into several groups (This is decided by the final number of participants.) The first battle is set to kick off for the EU server on Feb. 27h, 13:00 (EU Server Time). The TQ team will announce the time arrangements for other groups, at a later time.

Here are a few more things you need to be aware of about the competition and the provided character.
1. Official Character: Will be a Level 140 character, with all equipment and recovery items Bound and no Silver in the inventory. Players will be able to change their garment’s color with the marked tournament official. Each character has 60 Attribute Points that can be allocated freely by the participants.
2. Participants who use any Refinery item or any in game function to change their equipment’s qualities will be disqualified, immediately.
3. All the functions that will influence Battle Power will be unavailable.
4. Botting or cheating of any kind is strictly forbidden. Any character that is found using bots/cheats will be disqualified immediately, and the account will be permanently banned.
5. If you have edited the client before, we strongly recommend you reinstall the client to avoid any unexpected issues that might occur during the competition.
6. The competition will be held in accordance with the Elite PK Tournament rules.

The Sign-up stage will conclude on Feb. 10th 01:00 PST, grab your chance to join this most epic battle in CO's history!

There will be more details coming soon! Stay tuned!

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