Newegg discounts Dead Space 2 Limited Edition for Playstation 3

Newegg is holding a promotion where you can discount Dead Space 2 Limited Edition (the first print Playstation 3 version of the game with the inclusion of Dead Space: Extraction) to under $50 with free shipping.

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MitchGE2827d ago

I love the franchise, from the games to the digital comics to the anime movies to the books, so I want the replica Plasma Cutter, but for people who don't care about that, this deal is great.

CrescentFang2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Wait I have the collector's edition, but what's in the limited edition? (if anyone is kind enough to answer this...)
EDIT: Thanks :)

eggbert2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

the game (Dead Space 2), and Dead Space: extraction (can be played with DS3 or Move controller).

The "limited" edition is pretty much the same as the "limited" edition of MOH where it's only called "limited" because the 360/PC versions don't have the extra game thrown in.

eggbert2827d ago

so... how's Dead Space: Extraction with the move...?

itsralf2827d ago

Greatly improved over the Wii version, which was already pretty impressive.

BakedGoods2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


ugabugaz2827d ago

Seriously? You're going to troll Dead Space 2? The game will eat you!

dragunrising2827d ago

I don't think we can be friends...ever.

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